You have to kiss a lot of frogs …

We have reached the final stage of cover design for our four initial titles.  Three of them already have completed covers and one of them has a cover in draft form.  However, not being one to let a good opportunity pass, I have just been exploring a different source of royalty-free images to see if I could find anything there that I liked better.

The keyword I searched on was ‘cowboys’.  Maybe this was a bit too vague, because I have just finished wading through 5,500 images of babies on horseback, girls in cow-print, cowboys on skis, naked pregnant cowgirls, Dallas Cowboys, Uruguayan farmers and assorted men in hats.  These, at least, I could understand; however my search also threw up Prussian soldiers, a member of the British Household Cavalry, a picture of some pinto beans and, bizarrely, pictures entitled ‘businessman in gas-mask’ and ‘gay umbrella’.  How these last two fit the keyword I am struggling to imagine.

I also learned one useful lesson.  If the picture description starts with the words ‘handsome’ or ‘pretty’, it usually means the subject is neither!

The jury’s still out on the picture choice; I think I’m probably going to to stick with my original selection!

– – – – –

Two more Authors’ Prospectuses have been requested and sent out, and the contracts are in the post to our first set of authors.  Our ailing proof-reader has recovered and returned to the fold, and we will be passing two more titles to her very shortly.  It looks as if we’re finally getting somewhere – fingers crossed, please!

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