Year Two Week Nineteen

RAVAGES was our top seller again this week, with an average response time of two hours and 36 minutes which is not at all to be sneezed at.

The first e-book for 1 November is now finished but for the page numbers, which frankly drive us insane every time and which we must find a better system for dealing with.

On the whole, then, a week of consolidation with nothing much happening, which accurately reflects the situation at the same time last year. However with sales ticking over steadily and all our plans for the future maturing nicely we have decided that we’re allowed to feel just a tiny bit smug about it all – at least until the next thing goes massively wrong!

P.S.: Apologies to R.A. Padmos for omitting to mention that RAVAGES finished second in the Miz Love poll with well over 250 votes – a staggering total for a debut novel – and we heartily congratulate the author!

2 thoughts on “Year Two Week Nineteen”

    1. Re: Solemn Contract

      Thank you, , we hadn’t seen that – and since Morgan Cheshire is actually visiting us here at our galactic mega-headquarters this week the timing is particularly appropriate; she has just left the room wreathed in smiles and clutching a printout of her first review!

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