Year Two Week Twelve

Alas, no sales direct from the website again this week – but Rainbow Ebooks are still doing us proud, with DEAR MISTER PRESIDENT selling surprisingly strongly over there.

This hiatus has given us time to get our act together for the November titles, however, and they’re both with their proof-readers now, their covers designed, and virtually everything about them nicely locked into place. As for February, we’re well on the way there too – and plans for May 2012 are already starting to form.

What’s more, we’ve done all the set-up for our link to AllRomance Ebooks which will be activated on 1 August. We have one or two reservations about the size of their site and the number of books they have available – needles and haystacks spring to mind – but on the other hand we hope to attract a different audience through them and to reach a few new readers that way.

Finally, to those who felt that it was time we revamped our website, we can only say that we agree with you and we have it in hand to deal with some time over the next couple of months. Watch … well, if not this space exactly, this space at least!

3 thoughts on “Year Two Week Twelve”

  1. Do Rainbow Books and All Romance take a percentage of your sales? I guess I’m really wondering if you make more of a profit if readers purchase direct from your own site? Just curious.

    1. Yes, they do, and yes we do! That’s why we’ve decided that new titles will be available only from our website for the first three months – so that we can maximise the return on our investment. OTOH Rainbow are doing such wonderful business for us that we certainly don’t begrudge them their cut – and of course they can offer instant downloads and credit card payment facilities which make our books accessible to people who aren’t comfortable with our slightly more hand-made way of doing things! (We like to think of ourselves as a market stall rather than a superstore!)

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