Two new titles announced today!

CARAVAGGIO'S ANGELOur two new titles this time accurately portray the broad scope of our output! Once again we are fortunate to have a book by Chris Quinton which was recently relinquished by another publisher: CARAVAGGIO’S ANGEL, now amended and extensively re-edited, is the story of Paul; arriving in Malta to deal with the estate of his great-uncle, he finds himself drawn to the enigmatically beautiful Angelo – who, intriguingly, seems to have been both model and inspiration for more than one of the island’s successful artists.

[Details of the second book removed retrospectively.]

Both books will be published on 1 May; watch this space – and our website – for further details!

2 thoughts on “Two new titles announced today!”

  1. Well, one shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, but these are very classy! Fingers crossed for the launch date.

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