Three cheers for the Rainbow Awards 2017!

We’re absolutely delighted by the final results of the Rainbow Awards 2017, which have been announced overnight. The Press received some wonderful recognition, amidst a patently strong field of entries.

Author and stalwart colleague Morgan Cheshire deservedly won first place in the category Best Gay Historical for her novel A TIME TO KEEP (details at the Press website).

The judges said:

1) This was a beautifully written book that had me enthralled from the first page to the last. I was emotionally involved with the characters and transported in time and place to the village of Thornton and into the lives of Matthew, Ben and Sam. I have no hesitation at all to give this book top marks.

2) This felt like one of those generations-long epics. You can feel time fly by, how people try to grasp at happiness and love, only to be foiled by life, war, and death, and in the end renewing their passion for life. The writing is plain and matter-of-fact, yet full of rich natural imagery and lovingly painted landscapes, and that is what makes the whole thing work. There’s the historical framework of WWI against the lives and loves of two young men–and then a third. This story speaks of memories gilded by the passage of time, of a nostalgia for better days before wars decimated men and left them as walking shadows. It speaks of hope most of all, how love endures even in the face of death, and how love can transform sorrow to happiness. An absolutely beautiful story, and I’m not even a fan of the 20th century.

A TIME TO KEEP was also a Runner Up for Best Gay Book.

Meanwhile, debut author Dorian Dawes came equal second in the category Best LGBT Anthology / Collection for their anthology HARBINGER ISLAND (details at the Press website).

The judges said:

1) There was much to like about this book. The title was evocative, and the diversity of characters was both welcome and believable. It was a solid, good read.

2) Delightfully creepy tale that could well have been part of the Twilight Zone series, complete with menacing townsfolk and rotting buildings A different twist is given in part by the main characters who are mostly transgendered. Interesting and spooky plot.

3) I loved the way the stories all linked together to form a full story. Great sense of evil and horror, and interesting diverse characters. Hope there’s a sequel as it feels as though the fight against evil has only just begun.

HARBINGER ISLAND was also a Finalist for Best LGBT Book.

This recognition is on top of Honourable Mentions for A TIME TO KEEP and HARBINGER ISLAND, as well as:

(This may be a good time for a reminder that HARBINGER ISLAND and TO THE LEFT OF YOUR NORTH STAR, as well as other titles, are currently on sale at Smashwords.)

Congratulations to all the authors and publishers who took part! Hearty thanks for the efforts put in by the judges, and above all by Elisa Rolle, who really is a miracle worker. Thank you! ♥

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