The time is out of joint!

Submissions for our Shakespeare anthology NO HOLDS BARD are due to close in a week’s time on 31 October, although we’re in a position to grant extensions if necessary.  (We’d prefer to discuss this on an individual basis, so please get in touch with us if you feel this may apply to you.)

At the time of writing, we have space for a few more stories – it’s been our experience that anthologies tend to fill up at the last minute! – so if we haven’t already heard from you but you think you may have something to contribute we’d be delighted to know about it.  Less-popular plays and characters are always welcome, but if you’re inspired in any direction by the thought of queering Shakespeare’s work please tell us about your plans: after all, the more the merrier!

Plays covered so far include TWELFTH NIGHT, THE TAMING OF THE SHREW, THE TEMPEST and TWO NOBLE KINSMEN (yes, all the ‘T’s – TITUS ANDRONICUS, anyone?  TROILUS AND CRESSIDA?) but there are still several of the ‘biggies’ outstanding; we have no HAMLET, no ROMEO AND JULIET, no OTHELLO …

We look forward to hearing from authors who think they may have short stories suitable to add to our collection … and in case it helps you to decide, we’ll reiterate that this is a *paid* anthology and you will be offered a fee for your work.  Follow the link above for further details!

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