The culmination of a dream

A guest blog 
by Eleanor Musgrove

When I was asked to write a post explaining what I love about SUBMERGE, I had to think about it for a bit. Truth be told, I hadn’t read it in a while, due to a combination of having other things to write, real life getting in the way, and the fact that by the time I’ve edited something a million times (Manifold’s high standards don’t just happen, you know!) I generally can’t bear to look at it for a while. But it was about time I revisited my story, and I’m glad that this post gave me a good reason to do so, because suddenly the things I loved about the story, and the things that made it so much fun to write, came flooding back.

What do I love most about Submerge? Well, the first thing is Submerge itself. The book is named for the nightclub where most of the story’s main events take place, and that nightclub is the sort of place I would hang out if I could. It’s a very warm, friendly LGBTQIA+ safe space, with the big noisy dance-floor/bar setup alongside a smaller, quieter performance area, both with plenty of tables and chairs to sit down at if, like me, you’re not quite up to partying all night. Miles – the manager, and one of the main characters – has gone to a lot of trouble to make sure that it’s not just a gay/lesbian bar, for example by offering free pronoun stickers to make introductions easier between people with varying gender identities. And that makes a lot of sense when you think about Miles’ friends, who make up the main cast of the novel.

That’s the second thing I love about Submerge (though I know some people found it a bit off-putting) – the group of friends it centres around is quite varied in terms of LGBT+ identity. My main characters are two gay men, a bisexual woman and a lesbian, but the supporting cast includes a transman (one day I’d love to write more of his story, and indeed if I ever expand Submerge into a series I will go deeper into his life), an asexual woman, and a pansexual drag queen with a glitter obsession. Though it might seem like a box-ticking exercise, it is actually more to do with the friends I found when I was first beginning to understand my own identity, and the friends I continue to have now. I have always had friends from all over the sexuality and gender spectrum, and I didn’t see many of those mixed queer groups in fiction. Besides, when you set a book in a gay bar, you have to go all-out and pack it with a range of colourful characters, don’t you?

Submerge is my first published novel and the culmination of a dream I’ve had since I was fourteen years old. Well, I say ‘culmination’, but that suggests that I’ve finished, and I haven’t. I’ve learned a lot from the process, and I definitely still have stories to write! I really enjoyed writing Submerge, so I really hope people enjoy reading it just as much.

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Happy reading!

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