Tori (Vicki) of Love Bytes LGBTQ Book Reviews has continued reading my BUTTERFLY HUNTER trilogy, and has now published reviews of the second and third volumes, OF DREAMS AND CEREMONIES and THE THOUSAND SMILES OF NICHOLAS GORING.

In response to the second volume:

I loved seeing the relationship further develop between Nicholas and Dave, and how they interact with their respective family members. The sex scenes between them are wonderful, gentle yet hot. The little bit of mystery was a nice addition …

And the third volume:

What a great wrap up to the series! … What really made this whole series work is Nicholas and Dave, and their close bond.

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We wish you happy reading!

Manifold Press paperbacks

The Press doesn’t issue paperback editions of all our titles, as the decision to do so is driven by the individual authors. That being said, we’re delighted with the twenty titles that have made it into print thus far! There are new ones on the way, so it seemed to be a good time to take stock of what we have so far.

A veritable rainbow of books from Manifold Press!
A veritable rainbow of books from Manifold Press!

Our current paperback titles are listed here, along with Amazon US buy links:

The Apothecary's Garden paperback coverAlways With Us by Morgan Cheshire

The Apothecary’s Garden by Julie Bozza

Between Now and Then by Adam Fitzroy

Butterfly Hunter (#1) by Julie Bozza

Of Dreams and Ceremonies (Butterfly Hunter #2) by Julie Bozza

The Thousand Smiles of Nicholas Goring (Butterfly Hunter #3) by Julie Bozza

The Butterfly Hunter Trilogy (incorporating all three novels plus the free short story Like Leaves to a Tree) by Julie Bozza

Dear Mister President by Adam Fitzroy

Make Do and Mend paperback coverThe Definitive Albert J. Sterne (incorporating the novel and the stories published separately in the eBook Albert J. Sterne: Future Bright, Past Imperfect) by Julie Bozza

Ghost Station by Adam Fitzroy

Homosapien … a fantasy about pro wrestling by Julie Bozza

Make Do and Mend by Adam Fitzroy

Mitch Rebecki Gets a Life by Julie Bozza

A Pride of Poppies Modern LGBTQIA Fiction of the Great War – anthology including stories by Julie Bozza, Barry Brennessel, Charlie Cochrane, Sam Evans, Lou Faulkner, Adam Fitzroy, Wendy C. Fries, Z. McAspurren, Eleanor Musgrove and Jay Lewis Taylor

A Pride of Poppies - paperback coverRavages by R.A. Padmos

Solemn Contract by Morgan Cheshire

Stage Whispers by Adam Fitzroy

A Threefold Cord by Julie Bozza

The ‘True Love’ Solution by Julie Bozza

The Valley of the Shadow of Death by Julie Bozza

We hope you’ll enjoy these paperback editions and – like us! – are looking forward to more titles coming soon.

Still *more* from the Rainbow Awards …

The current Rainbow Awards truly have been the gift that goes on giving! We learned today that Julie Bozza has been distinguished for a second time this year, this time for THE THOUSAND SMILES OF NICHOLAS GORING – the third book in the ever-popular BUTTERFLY HUNTER sequence. Once again the judge’s comments were brief, so we’ll quote them in full:

A really engaging story that was easy to follow despite being the 3rd book in a series I had not read.”

Congratulations again, Julie!


We genuinely can’t wrap our brains round this; out of eight books published in the qualifying period we have received no less than six Honourable Mentions! Does it get any better than this?????

Twelve Days of Christmas Giveaway – Day Nine

Hooray, we’re back on track now after our embarrassing ‘blip’! Our Day Eight winner was Jess1, who asked for a copy of Julie Bozza’s THE THOUSAND SMILES OF NICHOLAS GORING. Congratulations, Jess; your book will be on its way to you shortly, and thank you for taking part!

For everyone else, we expect you’re familiar with the form by now; for twelve days we’ll be giving away one free book per day, with the next draw to be made as close as possible to 09.00 UK time tomorrow, Monday 5 January.

To win the Manifold Press book of your choice all you need to do is tell us – in a screened reply below – your first name, the title of the book you’d like, the format you prefer and an e-mail address to send it to. (We need all this information, please.) Also, we’d remind you that this giveaway doesn’t include the two new books announced on 1 January for 1 February publication – existing titles only, we’re afraid!

If you are successful once, don’t let it deter you from entering again; you can actually win twice before being disqualified for the rest of the giveaway, but luckily this rarely happens.

So come on in and join us; it’s a great chance to experiment with the work of a new author, or to complete the backlist of a favourite – and good luck and best wishes to everyone who takes part!


Delightfully, another review of Julie’s new book has just appeared – this time on the blogsite Boys In Our Books. While it’s not an entirely uncritical review – you can’t please all of the people all of the time, alas! – the reviewer is still overwhelmingly enthusiastic about the series as a whole:

I couldn’t read it without feeling warmth and comfort. I love these two as they love each other. And in this book, we get more of the watering hole and the Dreamtime location in the Australian Outback … and this will always be near and dear to my heart since book 1, Butterfly Hunter, introduced us to this magical place.

Here at Manifold Press we like to think we’re all about the magic – about taking readers to places that otherwise they wouldn’t be able to go – so it’s gratifying to know we’re still making that happen. Thank you, BIOB reviewer, we appreciate your comments!


THE THOUSAND SMILES OF NICHOLAS GORINGMark, over at Sinfully Sexy Book Reviews, did a Release Day review of Julie’s new title which we should really have acknowledged yesterday – and we’re very sorry that it didn’t happen.

It’s a great review, too, full of enthusiastic praise for THE THOUSAND SMILES OF NICHOLAS GORING:

Julie’s writing is poetic, dreamy and makes you want to escape to this magical waterhole yourself. However, with just the right amount of gritty reality thrown in makes it the perfect balance between the everyday trials and tribulations and a place where we can all dream of , a place that is worry free, full of love and respect ~ that is the waterhole!

Mark’s absolutely right, that’s quite a balancing act – but if anyone’s going to pull it off, it’ll be our Julie!

Thank you, Mark for your comments – we’re glad you enjoyed the book, and we’re sure a lot of other people will, too.

Two new books released today!

Good morning, everyone, from the (cold and dark) UK!

Our two new titles, Julie Bozza’s THE THOUSAND SMILES OF NICHOLAS GORING – which concludes her Butterfly Hunter trilogy – and Chris Quinton’s historical novel UNDERCOVER BLUES, are now on sale not only through our online shop but also through our other outlets: AllRomance eBooks, Smashwords and Amazon. (If you don’t see them immediately in your particular part of the world, it’s only because they’re still working their way through the system.)

We’re aware that in the past some readers have been frustrated by the ‘staggered release’ of our books, even though we explained why it was necessary at the time. The simple fact was that, starting Manifold Press completely from scratch, we thought it wise to learn to walk before we tried to run. It’s now been almost five years, though; we think we’ve mastered the ‘walking’ thing, and we’re looking to pick up speed a little bit – and this is our first modest step.

For the time being the online shop facility will remain available, but in due course we’ll be looking to phase that out so that you can buy quickly and easily from one of our distribution partners; that will, in turn, free up person-power here at Manifold Press Megaheadquarters which can be devoted to other essential parts of the publishing process. We may move slowly compared to other organisations but we don’t want to stand still altogether; after all, there are still plenty of fascinating places that we want to go – and we like to think we’ll be taking you with us!


XRH large scale

Welcome to the second day of our new Extremely Random Harvest giveaway! We are giving away seven books over seven days, with the next one being drawn at random 24 hours from now. To win, all you need to do is give us (in a screened reply, below) your first name, your e-mail address, and the title of the book you’d like to win – which includes our two new titles being published on 1 November:  THE THOUSAND SMILES OF NICHOLAS GORING by Julie Bozza and UNDERCOVER BLUES by Chris Quinton.

One entry per day only, please – and nobody is allowed to win more than twice. Also, please don’t forget to tell us which format you’d like to receive! We’ll do our level best to draw the winner at the same time every day, to give everyone an equal chance of winning – so come and join in the fun, and don’t forget to tell your friends; this is a great chance to discover a new author or a new book, or to complete the back catalogue of an old favourite. After all, what have you got to lose?

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Our Day One winner was Shirley, who chose THE THOUSAND SMILES OF NICHOLAS GORING. Congratulations, Shirley; we’ll be sending your book to you within the next couple of hours, and hope you will enjoy reading it!

Two new titles announced today!

It’s that time again; we’re delighted to announce our two new titles for publication on November 1, and we have an uncanny foreboding that they’re both going to prove hugely popular!

We’ll start with Julie Bozza‘s eagerly-awaited conclusion to the Butterfly Hunter trilogy, THE THOUSAND SMILES OF NICHOLAS GORING, in which the trials of married life for Dave and Nicholas include a threat to their beloved (and secret) Dreamtime site and some unexpected revelations from Dave’s nephew Robin…

… and partner that with a delightful ‘historical’ by Chris Quinton; secret agents in 1930s London, Tom and Robert are tasked with joining a dance band in order to unravel a sinister blackmail plot – and find their impersonation of a clandestine lifestyle becoming all too real in UNDERCOVER BLUES.

We’re busy putting the finishing touches to them both at this very moment, as well as making active preparations to bring you more books just as fascinating as these in February and in May – watch this space (or a very similar one nearby!) for details as and when we have them…