And we are, as usual, up well before the lark (we suspect they’re hibernating!) to bring you news of our two new titles, scheduled to be published on 1 February 2013!

Those of you who have been following Chris Quinton’s Fool’s Odyssey Trilogy from the beginning will no doubt be delighted to learn that the final book in the series will shortly be available; FOOL’S RUSH concludes the saga of Andreas, Xavi, their friends in the vampire community, and the mysterious cache of gold discovered in the church vault.

Alongside it, we have another new offering from Adam Fitzroy. BETWEEN NOW AND THEN is the strange tale of what happens when two men who really don’t like each other accidentally become involved in the unfinished romance of two men who did; it leaves them questioning everything they thought they knew for sure!

We’ve had a few technical difficulties this time around, which is why we’re unable to announce price, word- or page-count details for Adam’s book or page-count for Chris’s. We expect Chris’s book to be roughly 170 pages in its finished form, but at the moment we’re not sure whether Adam’s book will fall into the ‘under 45,000 words’ or ‘over 45,000 words’ category (which will of course determine the price) and therefore we’ve tagged it with both for the time being; we hope you won’t find this too confusing.

To conclude with the usual statistical information, the best-seller through our website this month was Jane’s THE DEVIL IN DEAD HORSE, with Julie’s BUTTERFLY HUNTER once again being the highest-selling title with our distribution partners. Average response time for orders filled through our website was five hours and 15 minutes.

Statistics for November

Our best-selling author for November was Jane Elliot, with THE DEVIL IN DEAD HORSE galloping ahead merrily on the Press website and ABOVE ALL – uh, ‘above all’ our other books on the distribution sites.

We’re a little disappointed not to have seen any reviews of our new titles so far, but clearly this is a very busy time of year for people, and it’s not all that easy to find the time to sit down and read a book, so we’ll try our hardest to be patient.

Meanwhile, the annual Rainbow Awards will be announced next weekend; we did rather well in them last year and we’re hoping that something similar may occur this time – fingers crossed.

Our average response time during November was respectable enough at four hours and 46 minutes. In fact only one order took longer than 12 hours to fill, which was due to a temporary computer glitch at our end, so on the whole we think we’re doing fairly well!

New books now on sale

Apologies for the delay in updating our LiveJournal this time – various logistical and technological hassles have made this one of our ‘slightly less smooth’ book launches, but we’re just about back on the right track now!

So, we’re delighted to report that Jane Elliot’s THE DEVIL IN DEAD HORSE, the sequel to END OF THE TRAIL, and Adam Fitzroy’s new wartime saga MAKE DO AND MEND are both now available to buy from our website/online shop.

In addition, we’re very pleased to be presenting our first-ever ‘box’ set – an opportunity to buy Julie Bozza’s two ‘Albert’ books in one value package! See THE COMPLETE ALBERT J. STERNE for details!

– – – – –

To conclude, here are the statistics for October. Julie’s BUTTERLY HUNTER was again, to nobody’s astonishment, our highest-seller, although that should not overshadow the achievement of Jane’s ABOVE ALL which has also been selling magnificently. In fact we’ve just completed one of the busiest and most successful quarters since we started trading, and we’re on a firmer financial footing than we’ve ever been – so the chances of our continuing to publish must be very much improved.

Average response time for October was very respectable indeed at 4 hours and 46 minutes.

New titles for 1 November announced

THE DEVIL IN DEAD HORSEWell, here we are again – and once more we have two absolutely fascinating projects to set before you!

Jane Elliot is back again, this time with THE DEVIL IN DEAD HORSE which is the sequel to END OF THE TRAIL; we can assure those of you who have been eagerly awaiting more about the relationship between John and Will that this new instalment is just as thrilling as the first!

Somewhat quieter in nature but on just as large a canvas is Adam Fitzroy’s new book, MAKE DO AND MEND; it introduces us to the Lyon family, aristocrats fallen on hard times, and particularly to Harry, a Naval officer injured on active duty during the second World War, whose friendship with mysterious conscientious objector Jim is soon giving cause for concern.

Both these books will be available to purchase on 1 November, although for entirely practical reasons we will be unable to start filling orders before 12 noon (UK time) on that date.

– – – – –

If anyone is interested in the statistical information for September, we are somehow not surprised to report that BUTTERFLY HUNTER was our best-selling title for the second month running, and our average response time was fairly sharp at four hours and 57 minutes.

– – – – –

Finally, we are considering adding an FAQ section to the website, so if any of our readers have specific questions about the way we operate our business or the choices that we make in connection with our books we will be very happy to know about them and to try to assemble appropriate answers!