A reviewer rather splendidly named Optimist King’s Wench, over at Boy Meets Boy Reviews, has been enjoying her first encounter with Elin Gregory’s writing through reading her highly-praised THE BONES OF OUR FATHERS.

Among other very welcome comments there is this delightful paragraph:

“This is my first experience with this author and even though there weren’t a lot of bells and whistles that I typically enjoy in my reads what I realized somewhere along the way was a growing familiarity with these characters that snuck up on me. It’s a quiet story that packs a punch, a sneaky, ninja punch, but still.”

Since we definitely know Elin to be a sneaky ninja, we’d have to agree with this assessment…

Thank you, Optimist, we’re glad you enjoyed the book, and hope you and other readers will be intrigued enough to follow up on some of Elin’s other titles as well!

The Goodreads M/M Romance Members’ Choice Awards 2017

We’re pleased and proud to see Manifold Press authors represented in The Goodreads M/M Romance Members’ Choice Awards 2017. The nominations and votes are “by the readers, for the readers”, so they mean all the more to us.

If you are a member of the M/M Romance group, then please head over to vote for your favourites, whichever and whoever they may be – and no doubt add to your To Read pile(s) while you’re at it!

The nominations for our authors are:

Thank you so much to all involved!



Lindsey at The Novel Approach has recently been reading Elin Gregory’s delightful THE BONES OF OUR FATHERS, and has come up with a highly favourable review which begins with these words:

“I enjoy books which take place in small towns where everyone knows everyone and is all up in each other business, and Bones of our Fathers definitely delivers that with all kinds of shenanigans and a variety of interesting characters with the charm I have come to expect in stories with this particular setting”

and ends with these:

“If you love fully fleshed out, character driven stories set in small town, complete with cute banter, sweet MCs, and an interesting backstory, give this one a shot.”

Really, what more could we ask? Thank you, Lindsey, we’re very glad you enjoyed the book!


These are arriving in rather random order at the moment, so apologies for posting out of sequence, but it’s always delightful to know that one of our titles has made an impression.

Once again it’s Elin Gregory’s THE BONES OF OUR FATHERS which has attracted attention, this time with reviewer Maya at Gay Book Reviews, who – among other things – has this to say:

The pacing never let up and the book held my interest continually. I was impressed at how plot twist was resolved. There is constant give and take between romantic part and the main story plot. Both Mal’s and Rob’s insecurities are cleverly used to pave the road for the two to learn to trust each other. Neither of them had that kind of emotional support in their life before so they have trouble adjusting.

This is interesting and well-thought out story. […] I’m looking forward to more books from this author!

As are we all, Maya! (No pressure, then, Elin!)

Honourable Mention for THE BONES OF OUR FATHERS

The indefatigable judges over at the Rainbow Awards are still reading, bless them, and have now had a chance to look at Elin Gregory’s immensely popular THE BONES OF OUR FATHERS. In a long and thoughtful comment, the anonymous reviewer begins strongly:

The Bones of Our Fathers was delightful. The writing style is fluid and fascinating, almost like the voice of a completely separate character

and goes on to systematically enumerate the book’s many qualities, ending with these words:

An excellent read; I very much enjoyed it!

Thank you, unknown reader, we very much enjoyed your review, too – and well done, Elin!


Reviewers are loving THE BONES OF OUR FATHERS, the new, contemporary story from Elin Gregory, and we can’t even pretend to be surprised! Delighted and grateful, of course, but not surprised at how well this novel is being received.

Dianne at It’s About the Book concluded:

I want everyone to read this story. Where goodness intersects with greed and grief. Where the past helps mold the future. It is a beautifully written encompassing of humanity – from the wonders of The Find, to the old and new Pemberland, to the families, the friends, the lovers … the individuals.

Fiona at Books Laid Bare Boys said:

A fantastic array of support characters enhance this story and I really enjoyed the message of ‘community’ that was highlighted by their acts and deeds throughout. The dialogue is humorous and witty. The sex scenes are naughty and very well described without being overly explicit, and there isn’t too much angst.

Thank you, both! You make this tale, quite rightly, sound nigh on irresistible.

Release Day review for THE BONES OF OUR FATHERS

We’re delighted (but not overly surprised!) to see the praise already starting for THE BONES OF OUR FATHERS by the wonderful Elin Gregory. It seems that Natalie at Hearts on Fire Reviews loved Elin’s story as much as we did:

What an utterly delightful time I had reading this! Another new-to-me-author, Elin Gregory completely lived up to the glowing reviews I’d seen for other books. She transported this Florida lady into the middle of a small Welsh village and if it wasn’t so cold, I’d move there.

Thank you very much to Natalie and to all the Hearts on Fire team! It looks like that Welsh village is going to need to hurry up its development of the new housing estate …

Our new titles are now available!

It’s release day at last! Our three new titles are from Manifold Press stalwarts Morgan CheshireElin Gregory and RA Padmos. We have also released a free anthology of extracts in honour of the 50th anniversary of the Sexual Offences Act 1967 in England and Wales.

The new novel from the exceedingly popular Elin Gregory is THE BONES OF OUR FATHERS.

There’s dirty work at the dig when museum curator Malcolm and contractor Rob become entangled in one another and in also the machinations of money-mad developers and treasure-seekers. Extraordinary measures may need to be employed, in what we’re calling a ‘Gregorian classic’…

Buy links:

Morgan Cheshire tells stories that are both thoughtful and entertaining – and she’s done it again with A TIME TO KEEP.

This is the bitter-sweet story of Matthew, workhouse boy turned lock-keeper, whose love for Ben is cruelly interrupted by the First World War. Fans of English Edwardiana and Great War fiction should enjoy this one very much.

Buy links:

As we have come to expect from R.A. Padmos, her LIKE PEOPLE is a superb historical novella which really tells it like it was. Karl Meisner has been fighting for five years in a war he never wanted, for a nation-state Karl knows very well wants him dead – for Karl Meisner is a man who loves men. We follow him through the last days of the war as he survives being shelled by the Russians, manages to walk in a state of exhaustion with other soldiers and refugees to the river Elbe, and surrenders to the Allies. From there he ends up in a prison camp in England – where he meets Nathaniel Cyfer, a man who must have no reason at all to ever like let alone love him.

Buy links:

OUT OF THE SHADOWS: EXTRACTS FOR AN ANNIVERSARY 1967-2017 acknowledges the 50th anniversary of the Sexual Offences Act 1967 in England and Wales.

This is a free anthology of extracts from Manifold Press titles that illustrates in a modest way the changes experienced by gay men over the centuries in Britain, and how the social and legal situations may have affected individuals. The extracts begin with the Romans in the 1st century CE, and bring us right through to current issues such as marriage equality and gender-fluid pronouns.

Download links:

We hope you enjoy reading these new stories!

New titles for 1 August announced today!

The days when we get to announce our upcoming titles are some of the most thrilling in the whole of our publishing calendar; it’s just like planning a surprise party for somebody and then anxiously watching their face as they walk in all unknowing…

In this spirit of excitement, therefore, we’re very pleased to be announcing details of the new books we’ll be publishing on 1 August 2017.

First, there’s a welcome return for Morgan Cheshire; her lovingly-crafted historical novels have always been popular, and we’re sure this will also be the case with A TIME TO KEEP.  It tells of the tribulations experienced by Matthew and Ben, two lads who leave the workhouse in 1909 and start a life together.  But this isn’t the best period of history for happy-ever-afters, and when War descends Matthew is left to try to make some kind of sense of his future…

Alongside this, we have another new title from our good friend Elin Gregory – this time the tale of small-town museum curator Malcolm, who becomes entangled with contractor ‘Dirty’ Rob (a man who makes his earth move!), a significant archaeological discovery on a building site, and the machinations of unscrupulous treasure-seekers; really, what more could any reader want?

As an added bonus this time, we also have the return of R.A. Padmos’s ‘Espresso Shot’ LIKE PEOPLE, which originally debuted last year.  For technical reasons we had to remove it from sale immediately – but now it’s back, and is available to purchase again from today.  As World War Two draws to a close, Karl meets Nathaniel – but is this any time to be starting something new?

These three books represent a perfect snapshot of our broader output, and we’re very proud of them all; they two new ones will be available to pre-order shortly, and will be on general sale through our usual outlets as from 1 August 2017 – enjoy!