Manifold Press paperbacks

The Press doesn’t issue paperback editions of all our titles, as the decision to do so is driven by the individual authors. That being said, we’re delighted with the twenty titles that have made it into print thus far! There are new ones on the way, so it seemed to be a good time to take stock of what we have so far.

A veritable rainbow of books from Manifold Press!
A veritable rainbow of books from Manifold Press!

Our current paperback titles are listed here, along with Amazon US buy links:

The Apothecary's Garden paperback coverAlways With Us by Morgan Cheshire

The Apothecary’s Garden by Julie Bozza

Between Now and Then by Adam Fitzroy

Butterfly Hunter (#1) by Julie Bozza

Of Dreams and Ceremonies (Butterfly Hunter #2) by Julie Bozza

The Thousand Smiles of Nicholas Goring (Butterfly Hunter #3) by Julie Bozza

The Butterfly Hunter Trilogy (incorporating all three novels plus the free short story Like Leaves to a Tree) by Julie Bozza

Dear Mister President by Adam Fitzroy

Make Do and Mend paperback coverThe Definitive Albert J. Sterne (incorporating the novel and the stories published separately in the eBook Albert J. Sterne: Future Bright, Past Imperfect) by Julie Bozza

Ghost Station by Adam Fitzroy

Homosapien … a fantasy about pro wrestling by Julie Bozza

Make Do and Mend by Adam Fitzroy

Mitch Rebecki Gets a Life by Julie Bozza

A Pride of Poppies Modern LGBTQIA Fiction of the Great War – anthology including stories by Julie Bozza, Barry Brennessel, Charlie Cochrane, Sam Evans, Lou Faulkner, Adam Fitzroy, Wendy C. Fries, Z. McAspurren, Eleanor Musgrove and Jay Lewis Taylor

A Pride of Poppies - paperback coverRavages by R.A. Padmos

Solemn Contract by Morgan Cheshire

Stage Whispers by Adam Fitzroy

A Threefold Cord by Julie Bozza

The ‘True Love’ Solution by Julie Bozza

The Valley of the Shadow of Death by Julie Bozza

We hope you’ll enjoy these paperback editions and – like us! – are looking forward to more titles coming soon.

The “Coffee House” eBook Giveaway – Day Six

MP Coffee House Blog giveaway

To celebrate our new blog, we’re giving away one free book per day, for the first seven days of March. The draws will be made as close as possible to 10.00 am UK time, starting on Wednesday 2 March.

And we have the results for Day Five! Just to prove that lightning does indeed strike twice … er, twice, has drawn Jen’s name out of the virtual hat. This time, Jen chose a copy of SOLEMN CONTRACT by the lovely Morgan Cheshire – which will be heading your way shortly, Jen!

To enter the giveaway, click here for the Book Giveaways form. This will open in a new window or tab. You’ll be asked for your first name, an email address, which title you’d like, and in which format. All these fields must be completed before clicking the Submit button.

No one but we admin peeps will be able to see any of the details you enter via the form. Please note, however, that any comments made on this post are not screened other than via the usual WordPress security. All comments on this post will in effect be public.

All our current titles are available for the giveaway, but only in electronic formats.

If you are successful once, please feel free to enter again. You can win twice before being disqualified for the rest of the giveaway. This means that Andrea can enter again, but Chris and Jen, alas, cannot.

So, pour yourself a beverage of your choice and browse our titles. You might like to experiment with the work of a new author, or complete the backlist of a favourite.

Good luck and best wishes to everyone who takes part!


Thank you all for taking part in our EXTREMELY RANDOM HARVEST; it was lovely to see so many new names this time alongside those of our long-time loyal readers – we’re very glad to have you all around, and we hope that your first acquaintance with Manifold Press won’t be your last!

There will be another giveaway in a few months’ time, so keep an eye out for the announcement either here or on our Twitter, blog or Facebook accounts. Meanwhile, it’s congratulations to Jane – our final winner for this time – who has opted to receive Morgan Cheshire’s SOLEMN CONTRACT. We’ll be sending it to you very shortly, Jane, and hope you will enjoy reading it.

And to those of you who didn’t win – please try next time; we’ll be delighted to see you all back again when we offer up our next EXTREMELY RANDOM HARVEST!

Two new reviews

As regular readers will be aware, we aren’t always informed when new reviews of our books appear; indeed, very often the first we know about them is when there is a sudden surge in sales of a particular title! However we do also from time to time do searches to pick up anything we may have missed, which is how we came to know of the following two reviews!

– – – – –


Reviewer Tina at The Novel Approach seems to have thoroughly enjoyed Julie Bozza’s most recent offering!

I’m a big fan of Julie Bozza’s previous work. After my initial surprise at a ménage gay romance novel titled after a Bible verse, I found that A Threefold Cord is another great book by a favorite author. I found it to be uplifting and cleverly written. The pace, tone and narrative are all excellent, as if forming their own threefold cord.

What a lovely comment – thank you, Tina, we’re very glad you liked it!

– – – – –


Meanwhile, Ilhem over at Boys in Our Books has been reading one of our older titles, Morgan Cheshire’s SOLEMN CONTRACT – and, without being completely wowed, still had some extremely positive things to say about it:

I’m surprised that this story remains underrated. Granted, it doesn’t linger on the sex scenes, but the romance is sweet, the feelings take their time to grow from friendship to love, the writing is smooth, and the twists and turns are bad enough to piss you off on Jem’s behalf, but not explored enough to make you feel bad. “Solemn Contract” will not shake your world, but it can provide an easy, enjoyable read and a nice change of scenery

We’d have to agree, Ilhem; those who like a leisured pace of storytelling and books that aren’t necessarily sexually explicit will find a lot to enjoy in Morgan’s book.

– – – – –

Thank you again to both reviewers for their time and their comments, and we’re only sorry that we were a little late in picking up on them!


SOLEMN CONTRACTIt’s always the same; you wait ages for a review, and then two come along at once! Reviewer Michael Joseph at Speak Its Name has just delivered his verdict on Morgan Cheshire’s SOLEMN CONTRACT with a long and reasoned assessment which finishes in these words:

Even with the flaws, I found Solemn Contract a rather enjoyable read. While the characters and the plot are not entirely unfamiliar, they’re put together in a way that at least seems fresh. A solid four star read.

We think Morgan will be very happy indeed with that!

New review of ‘Solemn Contract’

It’s wonderful to know that some of our slightly older books are still working their way through people’s review piles; today Elisa Rolle has published her response to Morgan Cheshire’s SOLEMN CONTRACT. As it’s in Elisa’s own delightful brand of English it’s been very difficult to pick out one line to quote on the website, so here’s her concluding paragraph:

In a way that is the main point of this romance, it could have been a 100% breeches rippers, Jem could have been the perfect sacrificial lamb, all innocence and big, teary eyes, and Will could have been a 100% romance hero, knight in shining armor and all, but the author decided to play more subdue tunes; the drama is there, the love story also, but it’s all more sedate, less on the face of everyone, and that is probably correct because, even if you are in love, and people can see it, in 1720 Connecticut, living as an openly gay couple was not possible.

Nobody tells me anything!

In doing a Google search round-up today (essential to catch up with any stray reviews or unauthorised download sites), we found an article on the Advocate website which name-checks some of the authors honoured in the Rainbow Awards, including our very own Julie Bozza and Morgan Cheshire.

And yes, we found more unauthorised download sites …


Elisa Rolle’s annual Rainbow Awards were published yesterday. Hearty congratulations go to:

Second in the Best Bisexual/Transgender SciFi/Paranormal/Fantasy category
Tenth in the Best Bisexual/Transgender Novel category

Third in the Best Gay Debut Novel/Book category
Ninth in the Best Gay Historical category

Third equal in the Best LGBT Mystery/Thriller category

Sixth in the Best Sci Fi/Futuristic category

Sixth equal in the Best Gay Debut Novel/Book category

Honourable Mention in the One Perfect Rate category

Chris also got an Honourable Mention in the Best Sci Fi/Futuristic category for a book with another publisher!

[This post has been expanded as news of further awards came in.]