More price reductions on old favourites

Continuing our year of changes throughout MANIFOLD PRESS, we’re introducing another set of permanent price reductions on classic titles.


It’s 1991, and a group of English football fans are driving across Belgium; their trip takes them through the site of a former battle, and that’s when a strange sequence of events begins. For Dennis and Allan, colleagues who cordially dislike each other, this means journeying further still – into what appears to be the past, and into the lives of two men who travelled this way seventy-five years earlier, whose unfinished love-affair remains to be played out in full. As they move backwards and forwards in time Dennis and Allan have only themselves to rely on, no markers to show them where they’re going, and no real certainty of ever finding their way home again.

MONTANA REDMONTANA RED by Jane Elliot – now $4.95!

It’s out of the frying-pan and into the fire on the day Henry first meets Red. He’s happy enough at first to be having sex with a man – Heaven knows, it’s better than what he’s running away from! – but it isn’t too long before Red’s sexual extravagances are driving the two of them apart. It’s only when Henry’s trying to manage on his own again that he at last begins to achieve a little perspective – on inversion in general, on himself in particular, and even on his relationship with Red. That’s when he starts to wonder if maybe there isn’t a way back for them after all, but this time it will definitely have to be on his terms…

THE EAGLE'S WINGTHE EAGLE’S WING by Cimorene Ross – now $5.95!

Roman Gaul: Lucius Valerius Carus isn’t naturally impulsive; when he suddenly and unexpectedly buys a slave at a market it’s because he feels sorry for a man who has obviously been maltreated in the past. However he’s taken on far more than he bargained for with Keret – intelligent, educated, and a great deal stronger than he looks. Roman society wouldn’t think twice about Lucius using Keret for his sexual pleasure – indeed, it would be astonished if he didn’t – but it’s likely to be horrified if it ever learns that Lucius has started to respect his slave, and absolutely disgusted if it discovers that he’s gradually beginning to fall in love…

HUNTEDHUNTED by Liz Powell – now $6.95!

As a professional footballer it looks like Adam Hunter has it all, but when the secret of his affair with midfielder Louie Jackson begins to leak out he’s plunged into the depths of misery – prompting a desperate series of manoeuvres to conceal the truth. Injured, distrusted by his team-mates and plagued by personal tragedy, Adam goes from hero to zero – and by the time Louie’s transferred to a German side he’s running out of reasons to stay alive. If there’s any way back from the brink of suicide, it isn’t clear to him at the moment…


William Ashton, retained as a gardener by Edward Hillier, discovers his new master to be a detached and driven man. Over the years, as travail and tragedy bring them closer together, he understands that they have more in common than he first realised, but the affection they feel for one another will be sorely tested by boundaries both of class and of rigid Victorian morality. Like the private garden behind the high walls their love must flourish only in the strictest secrecy – or else it will not do so at all.

If you missed any of these diverse and fascinating titles earlier in their illustrious careers, this would be a wonderful opportunity of making their acquaintance!

New review of MONTANA RED

MONTANA REDJust when we thought we’d finished opening all our presents, Elisa Rolle surprised us with review of Jane Elliot’s MONTANA RED (described by a reader as ‘well written; a little kinky but interesting and fun to read’) which highlights the historical and emotional accuracy of the tale:

Is it believable that not only two men like Red and Henry meet and fall in love, but also that they are living in a place where Red is able to go and find willing recreational partners? I think so, cause, it’s pretty much similar to what happened in real life …

Thank you, Elisa; we’re very glad that the book rang true for you and we’re certain that it also will for other readers – and to Jane, congratulations again!

Rainbow Awards winners announced

We’re absolutely thrilled to announce that the Rainbow Award winners were revealed overnight, and that the Press has had some quite outstanding successes this year.

We were still reeling from the news that Adam Fitzroy had won ‘Best Gay Historical Romance’ for MAKE DO AND MEND – with Jane Elliot taking third in the same category for MONTANA RED – when we opened a further e-mail and were knocked sideways yet again by the news that MAKE DO AND MEND had also taken the award for ‘Best Gay Novel’. We can only imagine the utter chaos prevailing in the Fitzroy household this morning – we have it on very good authority that Adam celebrated by having a massive cheese sandwich for breakfast, but there’s heady talk of a bottle of wine for later on!!!

Manifold Press has also been honoured for the following:

Julie Bozza – THE APOTHECARY’S GARDEN – runner up in ‘Best Gay Contemporary Romance’
Adam Fitzroy – BETWEEN NOW AND THEN – runner up in ‘Best Gay Paranormal Romance’

In the excitement it’s not impossible that we might have missed something else (please tell us, if we have), but these are certainly the headlines – and what headlines they are! Many many – indeed manifold – congratulations to all our authors for making such a strong impression on the judges; we’re quite excessively proud of you all, and will only say (at the risk of seeming greedy!) more of the same next year, please!

Rainbow Awards finalists announced!

Manifold Press published eight books in the eligible period (the year to 5 September 2013) and we’ve just learned that six of them have made the finals!

They are:

MAKE DO AND MEND by Adam Fitzroy
ALWAYS WITH US by Morgan Cheshire
MONTANA RED by Jane Elliot
FOOL’S RUSH by Chris Quinton

Congratulations to all our hard-working authors – it’s wonderful to see your work being recognised on a bigger stage – and we’ll be biting our fingernails down to the elbows from now until the results are announced in December!

ETA: Can you believe I managed to miss Morgan’s book from the original list? If she wasn’t such a good friend she’d have good reason to be angry with me about that!

New title[s] for 1 November announced today!

There’s a slight variation to our usual procedure this time; we’re only able to announce one new title to you at the moment, but it’s a biggie! OF DREAMS AND CEREMONIES is the eagerly-awaited sequel to Julie Bozza’s popular BUTTERFLY HUNTER and continues the story of Dave and Nicholas; now staying with Nicholas’s family in England, there are so many plans and preparations to be made that Dave wishes they could just skip ahead to the honeymoon – a honeymoon which, as it turns out, is not exactly uneventful!

For legal reasons (i.e., we won’t own the rights for another few days!) we are going to have to keep you in suspense about our second publication this time; we’ll be announcing the details of it on Thursday 10 October. They will both, however, be on sale as usual from 1 November.

Those of you who are especially quick off the mark may already have noticed the ‘stealth-release’ of our two 1 August titles, Jane Elliot’s MONTANA RED and Cimorene Ross’s THE EAGLE’S WING, which have been available on both Amazon and Smashwords since the weekend; they are now also available to buy from AllRomance eBooks.

On a sad note, we’d like to say how sorry we are that Rainbow E-Books have ceased trading. They were always very friendly and a positive delight to deal with, and even though their share of the market wasn’t exactly massive they did sell quite a lot of books for us which we truly appreciated. We wish everyone concerned the very best of luck in whatever they choose to undertake next.

New review of MONTANA RED

Hot on the heels of the first, another review of Jane’s MONTANA RED has appeared already. This time it’s Cat at MM Good Book Reviews who delivers a most encouraging verdict:

This story is very complicated but in a good way. None of these characters are your average character and this is far from a sweet storybook romance, but I found it fabulous. I couldn’t put it down once I started.

We’d have to agree that this is nothing like an ‘average’ book (if there actually is such a thing!) and we’re very glad that it’s finding such an appreciative readership.

New review of MONTANA RED

Hooray! The first review of Jane Elliot’s MONTANA RED has reached us here at Megaheadquarters; it’s by Raine at Jessewave, and the overall impression is a highly positive one:

The novel is wonderfully successful at creating the relentless graft of farming and restrictive small town life in the Montana of the mid 1860′s. This is not a pretty fictional western. The everyday details of blood, sweat and tears were managed with skill and without me feeling like a turkey overwhelmed by historical stuffing.

The review’s summary also praises the book’s ‘[h]ard edged historical realism with a warm hearted centre and some determinedly creative kinkiness’, which is pretty much our own assessment of MONTANA RED – so congratulations to Jane for making such a good impression on the reviewer!

New titles now available!

As some of you already know, because the orders have been coming in since early morning, our two new books are now available to buy.

In case anyone’s missed the advance brouhaha (unlikely, we know!) Cimorene Ross’s THE EAGLE’S WING, set in Northern Europe during the second century CE, tells the entertaining story of Decurion Lucius Valerius Carus and the heathen slave, Keret, whom he buys on a whim. If you’re looking for a restrained, easy-going romance with a solidly-researched historical background, this could well be the book for you!

By contrast Jane Elliot’s MONTANA RED is set against the background of the Old West; it details the adventures of the hapless Henry, when he accidentally falls into the hands of Red and his friends in the fascinating and secretive gay sub-culture of the nineteenth century. It’s a little spicier than most of our titles, and we’re certain it will be a great hit!

Anyone who collects statistics will be interested (but surely not surprised) to know that Julie’s THE APOTHECARY’S GARDEN is still selling in phenomenal numbers and was our overall best-seller for July. The picture for sales on the website was far more diffuse, with no overall top seller and Julie and Adam Fitzroy coming in equal as best-selling authors; it’s been a very odd month like that!

However, now we at Megaheadquarters can take a deep breath, gird up our loins (we might even stiffen the sinews and summon up the blood, if we can find the energy!), and start thinking in slightly more detail about our two 1 November publications. No rest for the wicked, you know … and we’re pretty sure that includes us!

New titles for 1 August announced today!

We’re delighted to announce that, as from 1 August this year, we will not only be offering you two contrasting new books to read but also a whole new author!

Cimorene Ross
is an old friend of ours with an interest in historical subjects, and has only recently been prevailed upon to join our ranks. Her first book is THE EAGLE’S WING, set in Northern Europe during the second century CE, which tells the entertaining story of Decurion Lucius Valerius Carus and the heathen slave, Keret, whom he buys on a whim. If you’re looking for a restrained, easy-going romance with a solidly-researched historical background, this could well be the book for you!

Our second offering this time is very different in tone; it, too, is set in the past, but that’s where the similarities end! Not only is the author’s name – Jane Elliot – a familiar one, but MONTANA RED is set against the background of the Old West; it details the adventures of the hapless Henry, when he accidentally falls into the hands of Red and his friends in the fascinating and secretive gay sub-culture of the nineteenth century.

We think you’ll agree that these two titles alone live up to our policy of providing as wide a variety of m/m fiction as we possibly can, to cater to all tastes; whether you’re more interested in slow-burning romance or a no-holds-barred exploration of gay sexuality, this is definitely where you’ll find it!