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Welcome to the final day of our extremely random giveaway. To enter, just reply to this post with your first name, e-mail address, the title of the current Manifold Press book(s) you’d like to win, and your preferred format all replies are screened; we’ll select the winner at random at 12.00 noon on 21 April (UK time).

This is a great chance to experiment with a book or an author you haven’t yet tried, or to complete the backlist of a favourite; whatever your tastes, we’re sure to have something that will appeal to you – so what have you got to lose? Come on in and join us – the more, the merrier!

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Thank you all for your tolerance of our Day Five screw-up. The Day Five/Six winners have just been drawn and are Andrea, who wanted Julie Bozza’s THE APOTHECARY’S GARDEN, and Barbra, who asked for Chris Quinton’s FOX HUNT. We’ll be e-mailing them to you as soon as humanly possible, and we hope you will both enjoy your prizes; thank you for entering!

New review of FOX HUNT

FOX HUNTWe think Chris Quinton’s FOX HUNT – which was released in February 2012 – may only recently have found its way to the top of Elisa Rolle’s ‘to be read’ pile, as she’s just published her opinion of it on her blog!

Only with an English setting and probably only an English author, or at least one that knows very well the customs of that country, can write a story about tea, crumpets and supernatural being.

Sounds as if she enjoyed it, too – thank you, Elisa!

Rainbow Awards

To our great astonishment – we thought they were due next weekend! – the Rainbow Awards have been announced today. The competition was clearly pretty tough this time, but nevertheless Manifold Press has taken three Honourable Mentions in the One Perfect Score category – for the following books:

Chris Quinton: FOX HUNT

rainbow 300

Congratulations to all three authors; clearly all your hard work paid off in the end!

Statistics for July; new titles available on distribution sites

The highest seller from our website during July was F.M. Parkinson’s THE WALLED GARDEN, and the average response time steady enough at four hours and three minutes.

The overall best-selling title in July, though, was a dead heat between Chris’s FOX HUNT and Julie’s ALBERT J. STERNE: FUTURE BRIGHT, PAST IMPERFECT.

What’s more, we’ve just uploaded THE WALLED GARDEN and R.A. Padmos’s UNSPOKEN to the sites of our distribution partners, Rainbow and AllRomance, for the benefit of anyone who has difficulty making our online shop module work. We hope to be announcing some new distribution partnerships later in the year.

New review of ‘FOX HUNT’

In a dual review published today at the Paranormal Romance Guild, reviewers Gloria Lakritz and Tom Webb each give Chris’s FOX HUNT five stars. Their enthusiastic comments included the following:

Fox Hunt by Chris Quinton was everything a story should be, well written, action as a thriller, a blossoming love story, sensual scenes between the lovers yet a hint of humour.

We note that they’re both calling for a sequel, too …

Statistics for May

There was no overall best-selling title in May; to our delight, UNSPOKEN and THE WALLED GARDEN sold in precisely equal numbers – and we can also report that FOX HUNT has been selling like hot cakes through our distribution partners.

Average response time was a steady five hour and 39 minutes.

Both the books for publication on 1 August are now back from their proof-readers and we are ready to move on to the next stage with them. Meanwhile, progress is also good on our titles for 1 November publication and we are already starting to make some tentative plans for next February – where does the time go? (Actually, we can testify that we spend at least 90% of it sitting at various keyboards … )

New titles go online

We’re delighted to report that, as of a few minutes ago, THE WALLED GARDEN by F.M. Parkinson and UNSPOKEN by R.A. Padmos are both available to purchase via our online shop module. We’re looking forward eagerly to seeing what readers make of these two novels, which shed light on some of the problems facing gay relationships in times less enlightened than our own.

While we’re here, this would also be a good moment to bring you up to date on direct sales statistics for April. We didn’t have an overall top seller; Chris Quinton’s FOX HUNT and Julie Bozza’s THE DEFINITIVE ALBERT J. STERNE (yes, the original ‘Albert’ book, not the sequel!) tied for the honour, and our average response time for the month was respectable enough at five hours and 34 minutes.

Progress on our two 1 August titles is pretty spectacular; most of the work on them is done already – covers designed, much of the proof-reading dealt with – and we’re now turning our attention to November instead. (Indeed, the weather here at Megaheadquarters makes this seem perfectly seasonable!) Naturally we’ll keep you up to date with everything new that happens!

New review of ‘Fox Hunt’

Reviewer Gabbi at Top2Bottom Reviews seems to have been highly impressed with Chris’s FOX HUNT and has commented as follows:

I really loved the physical and emotional chemistry between Robert and Fox. I also loved the witty and intelligent banter between them, and I found myself captivated by their relationship. They were an easy couple to rally behind and hope they find a way to be together…

New review of ‘Fox Hunt’

Tom at ‘A Bear on Books’ has just posted a wildly enthusiastic review of Chris’s FOX HUNT which includes the following:

Chris Quinton outdid herself with this sexy, funny mystery involving artwork, family secrets and maybe a supernatural creature or two. This is a nicely imagined, fantastically executed work with huge heart and soul.

We’d say it was well-deserved (it is!) – but then we’re hardly objective where Chris’s writing is concerned – so we’ll simply confine ourselves to repeating something else Tom included in his review:

This book is just ripe for a sequel. Please?

Year Two Week Forty-Eight

Well, dear readers, here we are at the end of our second year of trading. Yes, we know it’s only been a 48 week year but we’re moving the start date so that ‘our year’ coincides more closely with the tax year; we hope that will make things slightly more convenient for those of our authors who pay tax on their royalties.

We have updated the website with details of our new titles, R.A. Padmos’s new novel UNSPOKEN and, from an author new to Manifold Press, F.M. Parkinson, THE WALLED GARDEN. These are both historical novels which offer thoroughly absorbing portrayals of intimate relationships between men in times much less accepting than our own. They’ll be available to buy from 1 May.

The past week has been mercifully quiet, with most of the sales being through our distribution partners. As far as our own website goes, the top seller was Chris’s popular FOX HUNT and our average response time – since we were hovering over the keyboard – was 32 minutes.

In Year Three, we won’t be burdening you with this information on a weekly basis but will save it for the end of each month instead. Such details, which were important when we were just starting to establish ourselves, are no longer of the same importance now; although we’ll continue to monitor them, we won’t be in quite so much of a hurry to share them in future. This means that we’ll confine ourselves to posting whenever there is a review or a piece of substantive news to share with you, rather than once a week come hell or high water. The plan at the moment is to post statistical information on the first day of each month; fingers crossed that we can keep to that!

And to everyone who has been with us for the past two years/one hundred weeks – thank you for your support, and we’re very glad to have your company as – to our slight astonishment – we embark on our third year of trading.