Vampires in Barcelona, 2042

FOOL'S ERRANDAn author guest blog
by Chris Quinton

About eleven years ago, I wanted to write a vampire story. This was when that particular genre took off in the world of ebooks, and I didn’t want to follow the established tropes that closely. I’d watched films, read books, both vampiric and science-fiction rather than whichever branch of the paranormal vampires occupy, and a tentative idea began to form. I talked it out with friends, especially the biology of vampires. Luckily, I have a forensic scientist among my contacts, and her input was invaluable.

At the end of all that, I had a six page ‘thesis’ on the biology and history of the vampire, and the vampire communities. Admittedly, it did get tweaked a bit once I got deeper into what would end up being Fool’s Errand … And because of the various political situations I wanted to play with, I set it in the near future – 2042. Thanks to various movies and documentaries, plus the photos taken by my self-employed son who’d spent a lot of time there on a contract, I chose Barcelona, in that fiercely independent region of Spain, Catalunya.

Then I needed characters, and again, I wanted to avoid the usual take on a vampire, on when and how he was ‘turned’. After various name and nationality changes, I ended up with Andreas Rousakis.

Here’s a clip, as Mark Kermode says in The Film Review:

Barcelona by urformat via Pixabay
Barcelona by urformat via Pixabay

Nearly a century ago, war had swept across Europe. Germany invaded Greece in 1941 and like many of his countrymen, Andreas had managed to get to Canada, where he was trained to fly sorties against the enemy. He ended up flying Spitfires out of Malta, providing fighter cover for the bombers and striking back at the German bombers and their Messerschmitt escorts. He’d been shot down over Italy, and after a month on the run, he’d been captured. He’d ended up in a concentration camp in Austria, close to the Hungarian border. The regime was brutal, the determination to survive so he could gain some kind of vengeance was the only thing that kept him alive for the next year.

Then Benedek Nagy had been brought to the camp. Benedek was a member of a small Hungarian Resistance group, and he had a couple of secrets. Like Andreas, he preferred men in his bed, something they both made sure their captors never discovered. They had become lovers, and it wasn’t long before Andreas learned the greater secret. Benedek was a vampire.

When news came that they were all to be shipped out to the notorious camp at Stutthof, Benedek had offered the men a devil’s bargain. He would make into a vampire whoever wished it, and they would spearhead a breakout, killing as many of the camp guards as they could and ultimately releasing all the prisoners. Andreas had been one of the ten volunteers.

My second main character, and one Andreas ultimately connects with on various levels, is Xavier Peres Escuderos, a small-time crook and gigolo, on the run from the police and the bad guys after he’d witnessed a murder and become Suspect Numero Uno. Xavi is – complicated. He’s stroppy, egotistical and a bit of a narcissist. He doesn’t need anyone or anything, least of all an overbearing, controlling bodyguard attempting to keep him in protective custody.

Another clip:

Narrow street, Barcelona by 495756 via Pixabay
Narrow street, Barcelona by 495756 via Pixabay

Xavi liked gold. Solid sunshine, it lay on his smooth, tanned skin and glowed. He smiled at his half-naked reflection in the cheval mirror, and hazel eyes gazed back at him, eyes that could look guileless or seductive with equal ease. His thick dark hair was combed and styled into place, and his mouth had a sensual swell to the under lip and a crisp shape to the upper. He turned his head a little and gauged the effect. Xavi had always considered his profile was like that of a Roman god-hero.

He touched his fingers to metal that was rapidly warming to his body-heat. It was a heavy curb chain, diamond-cut, its facets etched with fine arabesques, and it looked very good on him. There was more gold on Sophia’s dressing table, a careless tangle of necklaces and pendants and other assorted glitter that cost several fortunes, all treated with the same insouciance. But this one had been bought for him. She’d said she had a gift for him when she picked him up at their usual meeting place, but he hadn’t expected anything like this.

Sophia finished fastening the clasp at the back of his neck and kissed his shoulder as she came to stand beside him. “Beautiful,” she murmured.

“Yes,” Xavi said huskily. “You are.” But his eyes weren’t on her. He knew he looked good, knew that women were drawn to him like mares in season, and he revelled in it.

FOOL'S OATHTo be honest, I didn’t intend to write a sequel to Fool’s Errand, let alone turn it into a trilogy, but Xavi wouldn’t shut up. He wasn’t entirely settled into his relationship with Andreas, not to mention his new life in the public eye. They still had issues between them that needed to be worked out – and let’s face it, Xavi needed to grow the hell up and take responsibility for himself and his actions.

By the time I finished Fool’s Oath, I’d accepted that, yes, I had a trilogy on my hands. Months later, I completed Fool’s Rush, and gave the three books the overall title of Fool’s Odyssey.

However, I knew I wasn’t entirely finished with the vampire genre. There’s Fox Hunt, an entirely different setting and and entirely different people, but that’s for another time …

If you’re as intrigued as we were, you can find all the details about FOOL’S ERRAND, FOOL’S OATH and FOOL’S RUSH on the Manifold Press website!

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New review of FOOL’S RUSH

Actually we weren’t quite sure how to present this one, since the reviewer has tackled all three volumes of Chris’s FOOL trilogy; however the most positive remarks were about the final part, FOOL’S RUSH, and so that’s what we’ve chosen to go with in the end.

Chris Quinton is a fantastic mystery writer! And she builds the plot of this book with her skill and most of all, her experience. When I read this book, I could see an image of a mature, professional novelist in every word that Quinton uses. She has smartly handled every element of this story and different layers to her admirable characters.

New review of ‘FOOL’S ERRAND’

FOOLS ERRANDYes, another – although this one crept under the radar somehow; it actually appeared on 16 May and we have only just become aware of it!

Reviewer Tina at Two Lips Reviews certainly seems to have enjoyed what she read:

Overall this book has a great combination of humor and romance which made me want to keep reading. I am really looking forward to the next book in this trilogy; I want to know what happens next!

New review of ‘FOOL’S ERRAND’

The Paranormal Romance Guild seem to be enjoying their introduction to Chris Quinton’s books; this time they turn their attention to FOOL’S ERRAND, which they again review in their eye-catching two-column format, and the review is by Gloria Lakritz and Penelope Adams.

So it is a murder mystery, yes …It is a wild love story, yes …It has it all! It has you on the edge of your seat until the very end. Then some more twists after that!!!! This story is an afternoon read and holds your attention till the last. I can not wait to read the next in this series.


Elisa Rolle’s annual Rainbow Awards were published yesterday. Hearty congratulations go to:

Second in the Best Bisexual/Transgender SciFi/Paranormal/Fantasy category
Tenth in the Best Bisexual/Transgender Novel category

Third in the Best Gay Debut Novel/Book category
Ninth in the Best Gay Historical category

Third equal in the Best LGBT Mystery/Thriller category

Sixth in the Best Sci Fi/Futuristic category

Sixth equal in the Best Gay Debut Novel/Book category

Honourable Mention in the One Perfect Rate category

Chris also got an Honourable Mention in the Best Sci Fi/Futuristic category for a book with another publisher!

[This post has been expanded as news of further awards came in.]


Not everybody is spending the day watching You-Know-What on television – some are very sensibly turning their attention to reviewing erotic vampire novels instead! Chris’s FOOL’S ERRAND has just been reviewed on a blog called Blood, Lust and Erotica and they’ll be reviewing FOOL’S OATH tomorrow so we’ll fold both reviews in with the general website update which is due on Sunday anyway.

Must make sure we deal with that last-minute typo emergency, too …