New review of END OF THE TRAIL

END OF THE TRAILReviewer Sadie Forsythe took the opportunity recently to pick up a free copy of Jane Elliot’s title END OF THE TRAIL, and it seems she was very glad that she did!

It’s a wonderfully slow, angst free, subtle, Gay For You story and I very much enjoyed it. … I loved the way each man had his own personality and quirks. John and those chickens, for example. There was a lot to love in this book. … All-in-all, it was a great feel-good read and I’ll being looking for the sequel, as well as more of Jane Elliot’s work.

We’re delighted that Sadie enjoyed this title so much, and we feel quietly confident that she’ll love the sequel as well!

All good things must come to an end

Our present massive free book bonanza on AllRomance, Smashwords and related distributors will end on Friday 6 February. To those who haven’t so far taken advantage of it – now is the time!

The titles are


END OF THE TRAIL by Jane Elliot

FOOL’S ERRAND by Chris Quinton

HOMOSAPIEN by Julie Bozza

We’ll almost certainly be doing this again at some point, although when and with which titles we are not yet in a position to say; watch this space for further information!

New for 2015!

We’re entering 2015 with some very exciting plans, and also one or two changes to the way we do things. For a start, you’ll notice that our dear old online shop module has ceased to exist and is, in fact, an ex-module! All orders should now be placed through one or other of our distributon partners who are, at present and in strictly alphabetical order, AllRomance, Amazon and Smashwords, with some titles also being available in paperback via CreateSpace. There are two reasons for this change – one is the reduced availability of person-power for filling orders, and the other is the new VAT regulations which are a particular burden for small organisations like ourselves; stepping away from handling our own sales means we can allow someone else to take day-to-day responsibility for that aspect of our business, and that in turn leaves us free to concentrate on producing even more new fiction for you to enjoy.

We must admit, though, that we’ll be sorry to lose direct contact with our readers. It’s been absolutely the best aspect of the online shop, and we’ve thoroughly enjoyed meeting you all and chatting in e-mail. Our days will be considerably less interesting in future, without that!

We know some of you have already spotted, too, that we’re making some books available free of charge for a limited period. These are already proving popular on AllRomance and Smashwords, and will be introduced to Amazon, too, as soon as we can get that organised. (It’s not always straightforward to persuade Amazon that yes, you really do want to give things away for nothing, so unfortunately we’ll have to work to their timetable; watch this and other relevant spaces for details!)

The free books are Adam Fitzroy‘s DEAR MISTER PRESIDENT, Jane Elliot‘s END OF THE TRAIL, Chris Quinton‘s FOOL’S ERRAND and Julie Bozza‘s HOMOSAPIEN, all of which have been consistently popular and have made us a lot of friends. We’re sending them out free of charge now in the hopes of introducing new readers to our work, and we hope existing readers will also take this opportunity to try out the work of a different author or catch up on a book they may previously have missed.

New titles

Our two new books for 1 February publication are fascinating stories about men faced with unexpected challenges, and we’re very excited about them both!

We’re sure you’ll agree with us that a new Julie Bozza title is always an event. This time she brings us MITCH REBECKI GETS A LIFE, in which fish-out-of-water Mitch struggles to cope thousands of miles from his native New York in what – for him – is the alien environment of Sydney, Australia …

… and similarly Darryl, the hero of Liam Livings‘s new book ESCAPING FROM HIM, meets a delightful gallery of characters and is pitched headlong into a series of adventures when he finally decides to break free from his controlling older boyfriend and make a new life for himself north of the border in Scotland.

The name of Liam Livings may already be familiar, especially to those of you who attend UKMeet. We’re delighted to have him joining us as an author – not only of the present book, but also of another which we hope to publish later in the year – and, given the speed and enthusiasm with which he writes, we can’t help hoping there may be several more titles coming our way in due course; we’ll just have to wait and see! For now, though, this is a very good moment to welcome Liam as a new member of the Manifold Press ‘family’.

Twelve Days of Christmas Giveaway – Day Four

Apologies for being an hour late today; we think the cold weather may have got into the computer! (Well, that’s our story and we’re sticking with it, anyway!)

Thank you to everyone who took part yesterday; our Day Three winner was Nova, who asked for Jane Elliot’s book END OF THE TRAIL; you didn’t tell us which format you wanted, Nova, so we’re going to take a chance and send you an .epub file in the hopes that it will work for you!

For everyone else, we’re quite sure you’re familiar with the form by now; for twelve days we’ll be giving away one free book per day, with the next draw to be made as close as possible to 09.00 UK time tomorrow, Tuesday 30 December. (Honest!)

To win the Manifold Press book of your choice all you need to do is tell us – in a screened reply below – your first name, the title of the book you’d like, the format you prefer and an e-mail address to send it to. Please bear in mind that this giveaway doesn’t include the two new books we’ll be announcing on 1 January for 1 February publication – existing titles only, please!

If you are successful once, don’t let it deter you from entering again; you can actually win twice before being disqualified for the rest of the giveaway, but luckily this rarely happens.

So come on in and join us; it’s a great chance to experiment with the work of a new author, or to complete the backlist of a favourite – and good luck and best wishes to everyone who takes part!

Statistics for April

To nobody’s great astonishment our overall best-seller for April was the resurgent THE DEFINITIVE ALBERT J. STERNE – possibly assisted by a recent good review, but always one of our most consistently popular titles anyway.  Duking it out for the title of best-seller via the website were END OF THE TRAIL and FOOL’S RUSH, which actually finished the month in a dead heat.  While it’s always good to see a new book performing strongly, there’s a small corner of our hearts in which we’re very grateful to see that our older titles are still finding new friends; it gives us great hope for the future!

New review of END OF THE TRAIL

It’s been a while since the last one, but availability on Amazon is stirring some reviewers into action once again!

Gerry at Gerry B’s Book Reviews calls Jane’s book “an enjoyable western novel written in the classical style” and finishes his review with the words:

All-in-all, I feel justified in recommending End of the Trail for your reading enjoyment.

It’s nice to know that some of our older books are still out there making new friends!

New review of ‘End of the Trail’

Whilst Googling around to follow up on illegal download sites (yes, three new ones have sprung up since last time!) we also accidentally ran across a new review of Jane’s END OF THE TRAIL on ARe Cafe, the review section of the AllRomance website, which begins thus:

This unusual Old West-era love story between an outlaw and a homesteader takes risks in the name of realism with the accepted romance formula.

Not the first reader, and assuredly not the last, to be blown away by Jane’s characterisation and attention to detail – and on that note we’re happy to be able to tell you that a new Jane Elliot book is even now heading towards the launch-pad for publication later in the year!

Year Two Week Twenty-Nine

Delightfully, and to no-one’s great astonishment after the recent stellar review, our best-selling title this week has been Jane Elliot’s END OF THE TRAIL. Other books may be selling in smaller numbers at the moment but it’s been a pretty steady week generally and we’ve achieved an average response time which at 5 hours, 35 minutes we’re reasonably pleased with.

Plans and preparations are going ahead for future titles and we’ve made significant strides on at least four of them this week – books that we intend to publish in February, May and August next year (although the final running-order has not yet been agreed upon).

One definite non-starter, however, will be the Olympics anthology which is now officially cancelled. We had a few vague expressions of interest from people but no actual enthusiasm or substantive proposals for stories, so we’ve come to the conclusion that perhaps it was a project too far for our authors; they obviously prefer to do their own thing, and who can blame them when it generally turns out so well? We hope no-one is deeply disappointed by this decision; we suspect not, however! It’s not as if we didn’t have plenty of other books in the pipeline, after all!

Year Two Week Twenty-Eight

Another thoroughly successful week, we’re delighted to say! It’s beginning to feel as if we’ve really made it at last, through the tricky part of setting this Press up and getting it going, and have now fallen into a modestly successful groove. In particular we’re very pleased to have the final drafts of our two titles for 1 February release already to hand, enabling our loyal proof-reading staff to work on them at their leisure over the winter. There are also more projects in the pipeline than we can ever hope to shake a stick at, with most of our existing authors already beavering away on new titles to set before you in due course.

Our top seller this week was Julie Bozza’s THE VALLEY OF THE SHADOW OF DEATH, with Jane Elliot’s END OF THE TRAIL, once again performing strongly, pushing it all the way. Average response time was pretty creditable at two hours 45 minutes – not at all to be sneezed at, we feel.

The only slightly depressing item to report is the lack of enthusiasm following our call for stories on an Olympic theme. It seems that, on the whole, writers and readers are not inspired by thoughts of the Olympics, and with that in mind it’s likely a decision will soon be made to cancel the project. This is therefore absolutely the last invitation to contribute to our Olympic anthology; if we receive no more positive responses within the next seven days, we’ll formally call proceedings to a halt and concentrate our energies elsewhere. If there’s no interest at this stage, there’s unlikely to be any market for it either; therefore we’ll redirect our efforts towards books that are more likely to find a ready audience – although we still believe that it was worth a try!

Year Two Week Twenty-Seven

A very gratifying week all round, with our new titles doing very well through the website and some of our previous titles making a splash all over again courtesy of our partners AllRomance and Rainbow. Indeed, RAVAGES is currently at number six on the Rainbow bestseller list, so congratulations to R. A. Padmos for that!

Closer to home, the top seller from our own site this week was Adam Fitzroy’s new book GHOST STATION, just one copy ahead of Julie Bozza’s THE VALLEY OF THE SHADOW OF DEATH, with Jane Elliot’s END OF THE TRAIL thundering up into third position as a result of the recent excellent review.

As you can probably imagine we’ve been kept very busy filling orders this week, but we’re delighted to say that our average response time has been a keen three hours and 18 minutes. Go us!