CARLYLES CROSSINGOver at Sinfully Gay Romance Book Reviews, Freya has been reading Chris Quinton’s revised version of CARLYLE’S CROSSING. Whilst it’s clear that the book didn’t entirely hit the spot with this reviewer, it obviously wasn’t a total ‘miss’ either – and some of the comments are truly treasurable!

Carlyles Crossing is an engaging tale. It didn’t give my emotions a huge workout, but I found it easy to follow, entertaining and it had a quiet intensity to it. The story has a subtle charm and believability that took me along on a sweetheart of a ride.

Thank you for your review, Freya – we’re sorry you weren’t completely wowed, but very glad you felt the book had merit; maybe we’ll find something that suits you a little better next time!


No sooner had we posted news of the previous two reviews when in came an e-mail about another – a review of Chris Quinton’s re-release of CARLYLE’S CROSSING – which we thought we had better bring to you as quickly as possible, before we lose the plot completely!

Our friends at the Prism Book Alliance are, as always, very quick off the mark; we were particularly pleased with reviewer Josie Goodreads’s comment that:

Chris Quinton is not the most prolific of authors but with her books you know quality rules over quantity, she never fails to produce wonderful stories and Carlyle’s Crossing is no exception.

This would be praise enough in itself, but when she goes on to add ‘[t]o say I was captivated by the story is an understatement‘ we know for certain that the book has found its way to an appreciative reader. Thank you for your review, Josie – and congratulations again, Chris; you’re clearly doing something right!

Two new titles released this morning!

Good morning everybody, from a dark and soggy corner of the UK. Here, to brighten up your Monday, are details of the two new titles released today by Manifold Press.

THE ‘TRUE LOVE’ SOLUTION by Julie Bozza is the story of Jules, a devoted fan of author Ewan Byge, who grabs at the opportunity of purchasing a significant item of memorabilia only to learn that he’s fallen victim to a fraud. In trying to extricate himself from this predicament he meets his hero in real life, and that’s when things start to get really complicated…

CARLYLE’S CROSSING by Chris Quinton introduces us to Jubal, who – along with his best friend Sal – is reluctantly drawn the whole width of the USA to attend to family business and reconnect with his Abenaki heritage; it’s the start of a sequence of mysterious events that seem well beyond his power to influence, but it seems his ancestors have other opinions! [NB: this title was previously published elsewhere, but has recently been revised and re-edited by the author.]

Because our titles are out on a Monday this time, we’ll be holding our regular ‘new book’ Twitter chat next weekend instead – watch this space for further information – and, in the meantime, we hope you’ll have a great week and enjoy reading our two new books!


Once again, we’re delighted to be entering a New Year by giving you news of two titles which are due to be published on 1 February:

A new Julie Bozza book is always an event, and this time she brings us the story of Jules who – as a devoted fan of celebrity author Ewan Byge – splashes out on buying a souvenir of his idol which brings him closer to the man himself than he could ever have imagined in THE ‘TRUE LOVE’ SOLUTION.

Alongside that, we’re very pleased to have a revised reprint of Chris Quinton’s book CARLYLE’S CROSSING, which was previously available elsewhere.  Jubal is reluctantly drawn into a mystery from his family’s past, which takes him and staunch buddy Sal the whole width of the USA and plunges them both into some very murky waters indeed.

Along the way, in each of the books, there are some unexpected twists which we’re sure will keep you glued to the page – or should that be the screen? – until the very last word, and we’re very glad to have this opportunity of offering them to you.

Look out, too, for permanent discounts on some beloved old favourites, which we’ll be announcing very soon – and if all of that doesn’t take you into 2016 in an optimistic frame of mind, with our Jane Austen anthology A CERTAIN PERSUASION and our second Queer Company event in Oxford also to look forward to, then we don’t know what will!

Thank you for your company in 2015, and we look forward to having many more adventures together with you in the New Year!