New review of ABOVE ALL

ABOVE ALLDespite being exceptionally busy co-ordinating and releasing the first batch of Honourable Mentions for the 2014 Rainbow Awards (see this post for details), Elisa Rolle has still apparently managed to find plenty of time for reading – we only wish we knew her secret!

She has recently given her verdict of Jane Elliot’s very popular ABOVE ALL, the first of her ‘Jasper Swinton’ novels:

Even if I was very busy, and sincerely I didn’t have many time, these two men and their story was always there, in the back of my mind, asking me to continue reading and knowing what was their happy ending.

We’ve said it before, but it remains true: to impress someone who reads as much male/male fiction as Elisa is a noteworthy achievement, but we’re not at all surprised Jane’s book had that effect! Congratulations, Jane – and thank you, Elisa, for your lovely comments.

Statistics for June / uploads to partner sites

Apologies for not posting these yesterday; the Press took a day off to visit its mother and see ‘Despicable Me 2’. (One of these activities was more enjoyable than the other!)

Our best-seller for June through the Press website was Adam’s BETWEEN NOW AND THEN, but for the second month running the highest-selling title overall has been Jane’s oustandingly popular ABOVE ALL.

We’ve uploaded our previous two titles – Morgan Cheshire’s ALWAYS WITH US and Julie Bozza’s highly-acclaimed THE APOTHECARY’S GARDEN – to our partner sites, Rainbow, All Romance, Kindle and Smashwords, and THE APOTHECARY’S GARDEN is also now available in a Print on Demand paperback edition.

For anyone still interested in monitoring our response times – which we record on a routine basis – the average for the three months to 1 July was 5 hours and 45 minutes.

– – –

Sharp-eyed readers may have noticed that the covers for our new books differ slightly in format from the ones we’ve been using up until now. Over the next few months we’ll be introducing a new set of covers across the board (including to Smashwords, where we’ll eventually replace the temporary ones). In most cases the difference will be extremely subtle – a new font, and a slightly different crop of the image – although unfortunately with both Julie’s THE VALLEY OF THE SHADOW OF DEATH and Chris’s FOOL’S ERRAND we’ve been unable to get hold of higher-resolution versions of the original picture and have had to do the best we can with the nearest equivalent. The plan at the moment is to have all these new covers rolled out everywhere on or before 1 November, however, so watch this space!

Statistics for May

We’re delighted to report that we’ve just had our best month’s sales ever, largely due to strong interest in three of our titles in particular.

Julie’s new book THE APOTHECARY’S GARDEN broke all records for direct sales from our website, selling five times as many copies as its nearest rival, whereas over on Kindle Jane’s ABOVE ALL outsold everything else by a very similar margin!  Meanwhile, the Cup Final special offer on R.A. Padmos’s RAVAGES also sold very strongly, although spread across all platforms rather than concentrated in one place.

– – –

We’d like to apologise for not alerting people sooner that a further three titles were uploaded to Kindle in the middle of the month.  These were:


FOOL’S RUSH by Chris Quinton*


Unfortunately, we got rather swamped with other matters and it escaped our attention.  Anyway this brings us up to date with our back catalogue, and we will be uploading the next two titles on 1 July.

[*As usual, these are links; we’re quite sure you can figure out the rest for yourselves!]

Statistics for November

Our best-selling author for November was Jane Elliot, with THE DEVIL IN DEAD HORSE galloping ahead merrily on the Press website and ABOVE ALL – uh, ‘above all’ our other books on the distribution sites.

We’re a little disappointed not to have seen any reviews of our new titles so far, but clearly this is a very busy time of year for people, and it’s not all that easy to find the time to sit down and read a book, so we’ll try our hardest to be patient.

Meanwhile, the annual Rainbow Awards will be announced next weekend; we did rather well in them last year and we’re hoping that something similar may occur this time – fingers crossed.

Our average response time during November was respectable enough at four hours and 46 minutes. In fact only one order took longer than 12 hours to fill, which was due to a temporary computer glitch at our end, so on the whole we think we’re doing fairly well!

New books now on sale

Apologies for the delay in updating our LiveJournal this time – various logistical and technological hassles have made this one of our ‘slightly less smooth’ book launches, but we’re just about back on the right track now!

So, we’re delighted to report that Jane Elliot’s THE DEVIL IN DEAD HORSE, the sequel to END OF THE TRAIL, and Adam Fitzroy’s new wartime saga MAKE DO AND MEND are both now available to buy from our website/online shop.

In addition, we’re very pleased to be presenting our first-ever ‘box’ set – an opportunity to buy Julie Bozza’s two ‘Albert’ books in one value package! See THE COMPLETE ALBERT J. STERNE for details!

– – – – –

To conclude, here are the statistics for October. Julie’s BUTTERLY HUNTER was again, to nobody’s astonishment, our highest-seller, although that should not overshadow the achievement of Jane’s ABOVE ALL which has also been selling magnificently. In fact we’ve just completed one of the busiest and most successful quarters since we started trading, and we’re on a firmer financial footing than we’ve ever been – so the chances of our continuing to publish must be very much improved.

Average response time for October was very respectable indeed at 4 hours and 46 minutes.

Titles uploaded to distribution websites

For logistical reasons we’re splitting the website updating/book uploading into several different tasks this time, which is a bonus for all those who like to buy our books through the Rainbow or AllRomance websites; the August titles – Jane Elliot’s ABOVE ALL and Julie Bozza’s BUTTERFLY HUNTER – have actually been uploaded to the distribution websites a day early as a result.

Two new reviews …

… have hit our inbox this morning. Taking them in chronological order, the first is Tash’s review of Julie Bozza’s BUTTERFLY HUNTER at Confessions from Romaholics. It’s difficult to quote from this one as it’s more of a precis than a review and unfortunately gives away a pretty major plot twist, but nonetheless the reviewer gives the book a rating of ‘four couples’ which indicates that they thought it ‘very good’.

A more considered assessment of Jane Elliot’s ABOVE ALL has meanwhile been posted on Reviews by Jessewave. The guest reviewer, jeayci, seems to have rather enjoyed it, and their overall assessment was again ‘4 stars out of 5’:

I stupidly started this right before bed, thinking I’d read a few chapters and then sleep. Hah! I ended up staying up much too late to finish it. I also laughed a lot and was glad no one was trying to sleep next to me!

New review of ‘ABOVE ALL’

Yes, two in two days! By a delightful coincidence, Pants Off Reviews have also just reviewed Jane’s ABOVE ALL, awarding it four ‘pants off’. Their comments include the following:

I really like Jane Elliot’s writing, its fun and gets the serious stuff across but does it in a light way. Jasper really steals the show in the book, he’s so crazy jealous and gets off on revenge (I want him as a friend). He is always up to something wicked and totally hilarious. If you want a light fun read, then Above All is a book to check out I am just so happy I took the chance and read it.

New review of ‘ABOVE ALL’

Hearts on Fire Reviews have recently delivered their verdict on Jane’s delightful ABOVE ALL:

I loved that these men, neither of which has had a true m/m relationship before, don’t immediately jump into bed together (well, sex wise!) and have perfect unions. No, even their first kiss “wasn’t a great kiss. It wasn’t even a very good kiss”. Brian wouldn’t open his mouth, their noses were in the way, it wasn’t working. But it had the potential to be something incredible. As does their relationship. Their eventual sexual relationship is fraught with disaster, painful and awkward, something you can completely see happening in real life.

We’re very glad they liked it so much!

New review of ‘ABOVE ALL’

The first review is in on Jane Elliot’s ABOVE ALL, and it’s a very positive one. The reviewer at Bittersweet Reviews closes the piece with the following extremely welcome words:

I really liked the author’s style and how she managed to seamlessly blend the lighthearted moments with more darker issues. I also liked how she portrayed the unlikely romance between these two men and the lack of perfection during their most intimate moments was downright refreshing. The witty dialogue was also pure genius and a pleasure to read, so I’m definitely going to check out her other books.