Rainbow Awards 2015 – the final verdict

It’s been a pretty enthralling 24 hours, but the results are now public at last – and it’s congratulations to Jay Lewis Taylor who achieved a Runner-Up (2nd) place in the Gay Historical Fiction category with


and to Chris Quinton who achieved a Runner-Up (3rd) in the Gay Historical Romance category with


We’re seriously proud of both of you, and of our other authors who received Honourable Mentions and were also finalists: it was a really impressive success all round, and we couldn’t be happier for you all!

And once more, from the Rainbow Awards …

It’s difficult to know what to say about this – in fact it’s almost impossible to take it in – but yet again we have exciting news from this year’s Rainbow Awards, with this time an Honourable Mention for A PRIDE OF POPPIES, our WW1 anthology!

One of the judges called it:

An excellent anthology of World War 1 stories all told with a remarkable eye for authenticity and a great deal of love and compassion.

This means that seven out of the eight books we entered have now been distinguished in this way, a success rate which has quite frankly blown the very few brain cells we had left! We’re beyond thrilled with this, as you can probably imagine, and we suspect we’re going to be absolutely unbearable on the subject for a while! [We’d do the happy dance, but you really don’t want to see that!]

Our congratulations and thanks go to everyone involved in making A PRIDE OF POPPIES the success it has been – to the authors and the editing team in the first instance, and also of course to the readers. We can all quite justifiably share in the enjoyment of this:


Still *more* from the Rainbow Awards …

The current Rainbow Awards truly have been the gift that goes on giving! We learned today that Julie Bozza has been distinguished for a second time this year, this time for THE THOUSAND SMILES OF NICHOLAS GORING – the third book in the ever-popular BUTTERFLY HUNTER sequence. Once again the judge’s comments were brief, so we’ll quote them in full:

A really engaging story that was easy to follow despite being the 3rd book in a series I had not read.”

Congratulations again, Julie!


We genuinely can’t wrap our brains round this; out of eight books published in the qualifying period we have received no less than six Honourable Mentions! Does it get any better than this?????

More news from the Rainbow Awards!

This year’s Rainbow Awards have turned out to be an absolute delight for all of us at MANIFOLD PRESS; in addition to the four Honourable mentions so far, we can now also bring you news of one for Julie Bozza‘s recent title MITCH REBECKI GETS A LIFE!

In this case the judge’s remarks were only brief, so here they are in full:

Enjoyable story with interesting characters. Loved the different perspective on Australia and Australians, and the ending was realistic, rather than cliché.

Since these last four words in particular are very important to us, we’re especially pleased to be able to report them!


Congratulations, Julie; thoroughly deserved!

The Rainbow Awards strike again!

Still boggling from yesterday’s astonishing twofer in the Rainbow Awards, we went online this morning and found out that lightning had struck once more! This time, we can congratulate Jay Lewis Taylor on impressing the judges with THE PEACOCK’S EYE:

“One of the best historical novels I’ve read in a while. The author captured late Elizabethan London perfectly. I could almost smell the ambience. Research has been flawless as far as I could tell.”

So, once more, we have the opportunity of proclaiming that another of our books has received the coveted:


We’d tell you how proud we are of everybody, but we have an idea you can probably guess!

More good news from the Rainbow Awards!

Once more, Manifold Press seems to have made quite an impression on the judges at the Rainbow Awards; we’re thrilled to have received two more Honourable Mentions in the latest batch to be released!

To take the books in both alphabetical order and chronological order of release, ESCAPING FROM HIM by Liam Livings drew the following response from the judges:

This is my first book by this author. From the beginning I was pulled into the world he created. I could not put this story down needing to see what would happen next and how the story would end. I will be looking for more from this author in the future.


And secondly – but by no means secondary – here’s the judges’ verdict on SMOOTHIE by Jane Elliot, which was this Press’s first full-length female/female offering:

Must read page turner that will leave you laughing, gripping the arm of your chair, and cheering for the underdog right to the end. A fascinating read. True writer’s craft.

And there’s plenty more in similar vein, so once again …


For a Press producing only eight books a year to have such a high proportion of successes in a very tough awards season is almost overwhelming; all of us here at Manifold Press would like to thank the judges and congratulate the authors. We hope we may be forgiven for being … just a little over-excited this morning!

New review of UNDERCOVER BLUES …

UNDERCOVER BLUES… but not merely that! This is the time of year when details of the Rainbow Awards start to become available, and we’re delighted to say that Chris Quinton’s UNDERCOVER BLUES has attracted not only an Honourable Mention in this year’s list but also a lovely review.

A simple plot that was very well executed, never lost itself in trying-too-hard originality or fell into any cliché traps, and for that it deserves full points.

Having been involved with the evolution of this book since its very earliest beginnings (and you really don’t want to know how long ago that was!) we can only say that we’re absolutely thrilled to know that it has been so well received. Congratulations to Chris, and thank you Elisa!