Year Two Week Thirteen

First of all, we’d like to thank everyone who has wished us well with our new blog and those who have ‘followed’ us already. (It’s very brave of you, since we don’t actually know where we’re going!)

We’d also like to wish our good friends at Rainbow Ebooks a Happy First Birthday: we hadn’t realised they were celebrating or we’d have said something sooner! We’re very happy about our link with them, we like the way they do business, and it feels to us like a match made in Heaven!

* * * * *

Since sales from the website have been a bit sluggish lately we’ve had plenty of time to crunch numbers, and this is what we’ve come up with so far:

For the first quarter of Year Two our best-selling titles direct from the website were –

1= The Definitive Albert J. Sterne by Julie Bozza
1= Stage Whispers by Adam Fitzroy
3. Fool’s Oath by Chris Quinton

However if we include sales through Rainbow as well the picture is very slightly different –

1. The Definitive Albert J. Sterne by Julie Bozza
2. Stage Whispers by Adam Fitzroy
3. Dear Mister President by Adam Fitzroy

* * * * *

Average response time for the first quarter of the present year was 2 hours 26 minutes.

ETA: Fixed the borked HTML now – apologies!

Year Two Week Twelve

Alas, no sales direct from the website again this week – but Rainbow Ebooks are still doing us proud, with DEAR MISTER PRESIDENT selling surprisingly strongly over there.

This hiatus has given us time to get our act together for the November titles, however, and they’re both with their proof-readers now, their covers designed, and virtually everything about them nicely locked into place. As for February, we’re well on the way there too – and plans for May 2012 are already starting to form.

What’s more, we’ve done all the set-up for our link to AllRomance Ebooks which will be activated on 1 August. We have one or two reservations about the size of their site and the number of books they have available – needles and haystacks spring to mind – but on the other hand we hope to attract a different audience through them and to reach a few new readers that way.

Finally, to those who felt that it was time we revamped our website, we can only say that we agree with you and we have it in hand to deal with some time over the next couple of months. Watch … well, if not this space exactly, this space at least!

Year Two Week Four

Well, unless a whole flood of orders comes in during the next few minutes, we can report another steady week with ALOES being our best-seller for a change, and the average response time settling down to six hours 39 minutes in view of the fact that the majority of this week’s orders were from the US and came in while the UK (or at least our bit of it) was asleep.

The only other item to report is that we have discovered the source of our confusion over the Rainbow Ebooks live reporting system; we had a few slightly bewildering days trying to work out exactly how to read the summary screen in the Publishers area of their site and then gave in and admitted defeat and asked them to explain it to us – upon which they told us that since a recent software upgrade it wasn’t working properly and was giving misleading information! Thank goodness for that, we thought it was us!!! At least now we know that the problem is at their end we can stop worrying about advancing senility and leave them to sort it out!

Rainbow Ebooks

Well, we’ve just spent a couple of hours uploading books to the Rainbow Ebooks database. They are not active on the Rainbow site as yet but should be soon – watch this space or another very like it – which will mean that those people who have an aversion to PayPal or have had problems making our online shop module work for them should have a viable alternative. For the moment, however, we’ll conclude by saying that we’re now utterly exhausted and we’re glad we won’t have to do that again in a hurry. (At least, we rather hope we won’t!)

Week 49 summary

It’s been quite a while since it last happened, but we’ve had a week completely without sales this week. I can therefore say with certainty that our response time was absolutely spectacular at 0.0 seconds and all our titles are tied for the week’s top seller!

Having disposed of the stats, on to more interesting developments!

Rainbow Ebooks

Having looked around a little after the demise of the GLBT Bookstore, we’ve decided to try our luck with Rainbow Ebooks.  We haven’t signed the paperwork yet but we’ve been looking through the contract and it doesn’t look as if it’s likely to cause us any problems, so in a day or two I should imagine we will be taking the plunge and completing the formalities.  Thanks to  for pointing us in their direction.

And while we’re on the subject of –

GLBT Bookstore

– we’ve had the final sales figures from them and will be including the same with the statements to our authors which are due out on 1 May.

Call for stories

We’re not sure how this is going to work – or even if it’s going to work – but we’re inviting contributions of short stories for an anthology of gay fiction with a theme of the Olympic or Paralympic Games (publication next summer, of course).  Work should be between 2,000 and 10,000 words and the stories set against the background of the games either past or present or, if you’re feeling really creative, future!  Protagonists may be competitors, coaches, spectators, administrators, media or security personnel, the stewards who sweep the track or the guys who make the coffee … anyone, as long as they have some connection to the Olympic Games.  This is just a preliminary shout-out so that people can start pushing ideas around; we’ll be posting a notice to the Press website in due course.  Closing date for submissions will be 31 December 2011.