Week 27 – in which our customers are awesome

An absolutely stunning week for sales, dear readers – thank you so much for your faith in us! In fact, we have done so well out of sales on the November list already that we feel confident enough to go ahead and buy another block of ISBNs soon – this time a hundred, which should keep us going for a few years at least. (To those not familiar with the process – ISBNs are bought in blocks of either 10 or 100, with the prices heavily slanted in favour of those buying more. We were cautious and only bought 10 at first … and had dithered about whether to buy 10 or 100 next time!)

This has inevitably been a week sitting at the keyboard for yours truly, which has brought the response times down correspondingly. Our average this week has been tidy enough at 93 minutes, although one lucky customer got a record response of 4 minutes; not something we feel is likely to be repeated very often, and which only occurred because their order came in while we were already dealing with another!

If anyone is wondering which titles are proving most popular so far, it would be fair to say that THE DEFINITIVE ALBERT J. STERNE and FOOL’S ERRAND have been neck-and-neck all week with FOOL’S ERRAND just nudging ahead at the line. HOMOSAPIEN and THRACE are selling steadily, too – as well as any of the titles we launched in May – and are bound to take a leap forward when the first reviews appear; I have great faith in the merits of both of them! Reassuringly, every one of our May titles has sold at least one copy this week too.

Next time you visit our website, take a moment to scroll to the very bottom of the page. It may not be the best location for it, perhaps, but there is a map down there which records the locations of all our visitors. This is new, only added during the week, and already it’s proving its usefulness. If we have visitors to the site from locations not selected in our online shop module (as we did in the week, with people from Croatia and Puerto Rico dropping by) we’ll add them to the list of countries to which we ‘deliver’. The geographical diversity of our customers never fails to astonish us … and you are all most welcome, whether you buy anything or not. (Although we hope you will!)

Dear customers, you are – almost without exception! – absolutely awesome, and we’re learning a lot from you. Thank you for taking this journey with us.

The attention span/page count dilemma

As far as I’m concerned, sales over the past twenty-four hours have definitively (if you’ll pardon the expression) put to rest any worries we may have had about the popularity of longer books: THE DEFINITIVE ALBERT J. STERNE is currently the most sought-after of the four new titles and at 171,000 words it is actually 20,000 words longer than the other three put together. It’s very reassuring to know that those comments about readers and their attention span don’t refer to Manifold Press’s readership, and that as well as enjoying a good shorter book some of you are willing to batten down the hatches and settle in for a long satisfying read. As we have another blockbuster – Adam Fitzroy’s STAGE WHISPERS – lined up for next time, we’re taking this as a very good sign indeed!

Week 21 – Return of the Good News

No sales to report on this week, alas, so response time is back to either zero or infinity. However I can now tell you that we hold a signed contract on Penelope Friday’s intriguing anthology Thrace which will be before you in November. I’m not sure whether it quite falls into the category of science fiction, although it takes place on a different planet and features unfamiliar species and technologies; nevertheless the emotions will be understood by all – love, loss, fear and hope combine in three outstanding short stories.

In addition we have the first part of a trilogy by Chris Quinton – a murder mystery set in Barcelona some thirty years from now. It isn’t just the suspect that’s unusual – the cop pursuing him has some rather unique abilities, too.

And then there are two titles by established author Julie Bozza, both of which will take your imagination off in very different directions. However we’ll resist the temptation to give too much away at this stage; full details will be available by this time next week.

Meanwhile we are busying ourselves preparing for the website update and the launch of all four new titles; I’m sure I saw smoke pouring out of our proof-reader’s ears!

Stick around – this is all going to get very interesting again soon!