The attention span/page count dilemma

As far as I’m concerned, sales over the past twenty-four hours have definitively (if you’ll pardon the expression) put to rest any worries we may have had about the popularity of longer books: THE DEFINITIVE ALBERT J. STERNE is currently the most sought-after of the four new titles and at 171,000 words it is actually 20,000 words longer than the other three put together. It’s very reassuring to know that those comments about readers and their attention span don’t refer to Manifold Press’s readership, and that as well as enjoying a good shorter book some of you are willing to batten down the hatches and settle in for a long satisfying read. As we have another blockbuster – Adam Fitzroy’s STAGE WHISPERS – lined up for next time, we’re taking this as a very good sign indeed!

Week 21 – Return of the Good News

No sales to report on this week, alas, so response time is back to either zero or infinity. However I can now tell you that we hold a signed contract on Penelope Friday’s intriguing anthology Thrace which will be before you in November. I’m not sure whether it quite falls into the category of science fiction, although it takes place on a different planet and features unfamiliar species and technologies; nevertheless the emotions will be understood by all – love, loss, fear and hope combine in three outstanding short stories.

In addition we have the first part of a trilogy by Chris Quinton – a murder mystery set in Barcelona some thirty years from now. It isn’t just the suspect that’s unusual – the cop pursuing him has some rather unique abilities, too.

And then there are two titles by established author Julie Bozza, both of which will take your imagination off in very different directions. However we’ll resist the temptation to give too much away at this stage; full details will be available by this time next week.

Meanwhile we are busying ourselves preparing for the website update and the launch of all four new titles; I’m sure I saw smoke pouring out of our proof-reader’s ears!

Stick around – this is all going to get very interesting again soon!