New titles for 1 November announced today!

We’re delighted to announce three wonderful new titles – available for pre-order now, and available on 1 November!

Farah Mendlesohn is well established as a historian and critic, so the Press was delighted to have the opportunity of publishing her debut novel SPRING FLOWERING.

This historical romance is an immersive look into a changing world. Ann Gray has been mistress of her father’s parsonage in a quiet country village. After he dies she finds herself in the bustling commercial city of Birmingham, living with her uncle, aunt and cousins. How can she regain her independence and sense of purpose once her period of mourning is over? Ann encourages cousin Louisa’s interest in the family’s manufacturing business, but is that an occupation Ann would enjoy? She might encourage the new parson Mr. Morden to propose marriage. Or she might become companion to the enticingly daring widow Mrs. King. Whatever she chooses, we’re sure you’ll enjoy accompanying Ann on her journey.

Pre-order links: Amazon US; Amazon UK; Smashwords. Also available as a pre-order via Apple, Barnes & Noble, and Kobo.

Manifold Press’s resourceful fact-checker and problem-solver Heloise Mezen has served as editor for our Second World War anthology CALL TO ARMS.

This is a companion volume to our well-received charity volume on the Great War, A PRIDE OF POPPIES. All proceeds this time are going to the British Refugee Council (Registered Charity No. 1014576).

This anthology has again attracted a deeply talented group of authors. The seventeen stories take the reader far and wide – through Britain, Europe, Asia and South America – and introduce (occasionally re-introduce) a wonderful range of characters. We’re sure you’ll find plenty in here to love.

Pre-order links: Amazon US; Amazon UK; Smashwords. Also available as a pre-order via Apple, Barnes & Noble, and Kobo.

As many of us know by now, Elin Gregory is a superb storyteller, and we are sure her CALON LAN will not disappoint.

With the war being waged in Europe, it is vital that farming and other essential occupations continue at home – but there is increasing pressure on everyone, and the world feels as out of control as the weather. Bethan and Nye Harrhy manage their farm as best they can with the help of Bethan’s brother Alwyn, injured during his service in the trenches. When Alwyn asks his friend Joe to come live with them, Bethan assumes that another pair of hands will help rather than hinder … or is she being a bit naive?

Pre-order links: Amazon US; Amazon UK; Smashwords. Also available as a pre-order via Apple, Barnes & Noble, and Kobo.

ESPRESSO SHOTS is an informal imprint which features long stories and novellas. If you want to read more about this imprint, please check out our blog post. The cover image is the same for all titles, so we chose an image that evokes the comforts – and the stimulations – of the reading experience itself.

We are absolutely sure you’ll find something – or many things – for your reading pleasure here!

Author interviews: Andrea Demetrius

A CERTAIN PERSUASIONThis series of mini-interviews features the authors who contributed to our Austen anthology A CERTAIN PERSUASION.

Today’s interviewee is Andrea Demetrius, who wrote the story Outside the Parlour, which takes a intriguingly different perspective on Darcy than Austen’s.

Blurb: Darcy is a single man of eight-and-twenty and in possession of a good fortune. Talk of marriage and prospects crowd in on him – as do reports in the broadsheets of convictions for ‘unnatural’ crimes. He knows his fate. A decision must be made soon.

Q: How did you discover Jane Austen and her works? What was the initial appeal? Has she surprised you since then?

My childhood neighbour lent me Pride and Prejudice when I was about 12 years old. I still have the book, I never gave it back—I suppose, if she asks for it, I could return it… But I’m counting on several countries separating us now, and on the fact that she’s become a mathematician… I am still sputtering over that choice. I think it’s my well-served punishment for such an incredible betrayal!

And, sure, it’s possible that it had such a strong, lasting impact because of the mode of its acquisition. Somehow it still stands out amongst my other books, despite that, since then, I have purchased other copies of the book.

It’s surprising because with every subsequent read, all through the years since that confusing first time, the message—or, better said, my focus on the story and its characters—changes, and with each new reading, I take different things with me.

Q: Which Austen character do you like best? Which do you identify with most?

I can’t honestly say that I have one single character that I like best—my coming into synch with them changes, depending on my mood and the reason for going back to read them. Neither can I say that I identify with any character that I have ever read. I see them more as if they are teaching me, showing me things, about society, or myself. But, yes, at times, it does happens that one or another seems to exist solely to justify my feelings or behaviour, and then it’s such a joy to encounter them—whether to take comfort in, or vindication from, depends upon the occasion.

Q: Why do you think the Regency is such an appealing period to write and read about?

Oh. I grew up in an environment much like that—which is such an irony, considering the political climate of where I was born, but it’s true nonetheless. It only begins to feel somewhat incongruous now, like it should have done then, when I try to introduce my eleven-year-old niece to Austen with the idea that the society’s rules and behaviours will talk to her the same as they did to me. I think things have changed, though. The structure of our society had finally changed, and her generation will only read that period as any other historical period, entertaining and full of discoveries, but harder to place within our present lives.

Author bio: Andrea Demetrius lives on the island of eternal spring, or so the brochures say. She cannot confirm that statement since she is often unable to put down her books to step outside and check.

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Three new titles now available!

1 November is here at last, and our three new titles are now available! This includes two New Adult novels as well as an anthology featuring modern LGBTQ+ fiction inspired by the novels of Jane Austen.

A CERTAIN PERSUASIONA CERTAIN PERSUASION showcases thirteen stories by eleven authors, each of which takes something of Jane Austen’s as its source – and from that point on nothing at all is certain. We meet compelling reinterpretations of canonical characters such as Elinor Dashwood, William Elliot, Emma Woodhouse and – of course! – Fitzwilliam Darcy, and are also introduced to new ones who will linger in the memory – Adam Ashford Otelian, Robert Oakes and the enigmatic Lint, to name but a few. For anyone who has ever ‘thought beyond the page’ about Jane Austen’s work, this book is a real goldmine of intrigue and adventure. (And you will also make the close acquaintance of Mr Beveridge’s Maggot – really, need we say more?)

The authors include some familiar names and some new to the Press: Julie Bozza; Andrea Demetrius; Sam Evans; Lou Faulkner; Adam Fitzroy; Narrelle M Harris; Sandra Lindsey; Fae Mcloughlin; Atlin Merrick; JL Merrow; and Eleanor Musgrove.

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SUBMERGEIn SUBMERGE by Eleanor Musgrove we meet Jamie, wandering innocently into the web of friendships and intrigues that surround a popular local club. Soon accepted as one of the ‘family’ he finds himself beginning to fall for manager Miles, but events occur which make him very reluctant to trust either the new man in his life – or, indeed, anybody else around him.

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TO THE LEFT OF YOUR NORTH STARTO THE LEFT OF YOUR NORTH STAR by Michelle Peart takes us to the unfamiliar world of Abaytor, where Edward and his new friend Burn are thrown headlong into a series of adventures and perils in the course of an extraordinary river journey – one which will leave them both profoundly changed, and also looking for answers to a greater mystery.

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