Progress report

Well, we’ve lurched forward a fraction more.  The first .pdf file is finally assembled, all but the ISBN which I have not applied for yet; however the intractable business of page numbering has finally succumbed to a fierce session of brain-bending.  The second script is currently with the proof-reader, the third is ready to send, and all the paperwork for the Press bank account has come through and is now in my hot little hands.  In addition, we have been interviewed for one blog (details nearer the time) and the owner of another wants to review each of our first four titles … which should be a tremendous help when it comes to generating sales.  That’s the side of things my co-conspirator specialises in; she has a real genius for making contacts and I am very happy to leave it to her – I have my hands full enough with the editing and all the technical stuff!

Our in-house reader, meanwhile, has gone off clutching the 100,000 word script that came in the other day; I’ll look forward to her response.  We have both decided, however, that the 14,000 word one is going to need a little more work by the author.  Still, it’s reassuring that we are getting so many good quality scripts submitted already, when we are not officially open for business yet.  People’s enthusiasm and faith in us never ceases to be astonishing, and is always humbling.  Now all we have to do is live up to it.

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