Sixth week’s sales figures

WEEK SIX – to 0700 GMT 12 June 2010

In the past week we have sold the following:

ALOES – 3 copies
END OF THE TRAIL – 5 copies
SEA CHANGE – 1 copies

As for response times, the quickest was fifteen minutes and the slowest eight hours forty-nine minutes, with an average response time this week of three hours thirty-nine minutes.

I can also report, with some relief, that I spent most of yesterday afternoon balancing the books and they’re looking reasonably healthy so far. I don’t suppose we’re ever going to be millionaires, but the Press is covering its outgoings very nicely to date – and most of all it seems to be making a lot of friends.

ETA: Embarrassingly, I forgot to mention that shortly after I posted last week we acquired two customers from our tenth different country – so let’s hear it for the good people of New Zealand!

Review at Literary Nymphs

Reviewer Critter Nymph seems to have enjoyed DEAR MISTER PRESIDENT and has joined the line of readers asking for a sequel.

Plus, thanks to the kindness of a reader in test-driving the prototype, we now have the capability of creating .mobi files. As soon as we have had the opportunity of preparing a full set of files, we will be offering .mobi as an alternative format on the website.

It’s Customer Appreciation Day!

Having vanquished the .epub monster (and given our poor techie genius several heart attacks along the way) this would be a good moment to thank a small group of customers who very kindly helped out with feedback and testing different versions of the documents. It would be wrong to identify them in any way except to say that they were two male readers and one female and they were all extraordinarily patient and helpful. I have thanked them individually but just wanted to make their contribution a little more widely known; we here at Manifold would like them to know how much we value their involvement and assistance.


Fifth week’s sales figures

WEEK FIVE – to 0700 GMT 05 June 2010

In the past week we have sold the following:

ALOES – 2 copies
END OF THE TRAIL – 2 copies
SEA CHANGE – 2 copies

The average response time was 5 hours 27 minutes, with the fastest being 1 hour 18 minutes and the slowest 10 hours 37 minutes. This is mostly because nearly all of this week’s orders originated from time zones which were active while the UK was asleep!

– – – – –

In other news, the first of our November titles has now gone off for proof-reading, and we are in the midst of producing a new set of .epub titles following the triumphant vanquishing of the demon a couple of days ago. We have high hopes of being able to make other e-book formats available in the foreseeable future. Anybody looking for a particular format that we have not been able to supply so far would be very welcome to comment here and let us know what it is they’re looking for; we can’t promise to meet every request, but it would be helpful to have an idea of the priorities involved.

The .epub ogre – defeated at last!

So, our techie genius came round last night and seems to have solved the .epub problem at a stroke.  In the end the root cause was incompatibility between two different sets of software, one of which was OpenOffice Writer.  Being a bit of a fanatic for Open Source software, techie genius submitted a bug report to the developers and was rather taken aback to be royally snubbed  – not something which is supposed to happen – with the response that basically they knew all about the fault but had absolutely no intention of fixing it.  Well, all right then.

He wrote a brief bit of code which really ought to have done the trick; it was a nice, elegant little macguffin and a pleasure to use, but unfortunately it didn’t quite have the desired effect.  It improved the situation without actually resolving it completely.  Sigh.

In the end, what we decided  – rather than trying to make software do what it obviously wasn’t designed to do – was that we’d find some software that actually did what we wanted but still had impeccable Open Source credentials; hence Abiword, which I suspect neither of us had ever heard of until yesterday.  So far, however, we’re liking what it does.

So, this is just a shout-out to anyone who has had .epub files from us and is not happy with them.  E-mail eaditter (at) manifoldpress (dot) co (dot) uk if you would like a replacement file or files.  We aren’t promising that they will be absolutely perfect, but we think they will be a great deal better than the ones you previously received.

Now, next problem please?