Our Famous Twelve Days of Christmas Giveaway – Day Nine winner

Dear Readers

Once again, we’re delighted to be marking the festive season with a giveaway of titles from our back catalogue. From 26 December to 6 January we’re giving away one free ebook per day, with the draws being made as close as possible to 12.00 midday UK time daily.

The winner for Day Nine is Ellie, who chose COINS NOT ACCEPTED by Chris Quinton. Fiona will be emailing that to you shortly, Ellie!

Draws are made using random.org, and the requested book emailed to the lucky recipient usually within twenty-four hours. If you win once, please feel free to enter again – although two wins will disqualify you thereafter! (Yvonne, Chris, Glenn, Rachel, Didi, Nova, Little Bear, Dei and Ellie are all eligible to enter again.) [Irreverent editor note: this is starting to get like one of those memory games, isn’t it, like ‘I went to the shop and I bought… ‘]

To enter, click here for the Book Giveaways form. This opens in a new window or tab. You’ll be asked for your first name (or whichever name you’d like to use), an email address, which title you’d like, and in which format. All these fields must be completed before clicking the Submit button.

Only Manifold Press admins will be able to see the details you enter on the form. However, please be aware that we’ll share the winner’s name and choice of title when we announce the result the following day – so, if you’d prefer to be anonymous, please indicate that in the name field of the form.

Also please note that comments made on this post are not screened other than via the usual WordPress security. All comments on this post will in effect be public.

All our current titles are available for the giveaway, but only in electronic formats.

So, this is a good opportunity to sit back, relax, and browse our titles; experiment with the work of a new author, or complete the backlist of a favourite – the choice is yours!

Good luck, and a Happy New Year to you all!

– – – – –


For reasons beyond our control, we’re likely to be making Saturday’s draw (Day Eleven) a few hours late. Any entries submitted after 12.00 on Saturday will automatically be rolled over to the final draw on Sunday. We’re sorry about this, but unfortunately we’re unable to avoid it and hope you will be patient with us in the meantime.

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