Not two but THREE new titles announced today!

We are announcing three new titles today, one from R.A. Padmos – and two from authors new to Manifold Press! They are all available for pre-order now, and will be published on 1 August.

Under Leaden Skies by Sandra LindseyThis is the Press’s first novel from Sandra Lindsey, and we certainly hope it won’t be the last! UNDER LEADEN SKIES begins in the early days of the second world war. ‘Teddy’ Garston is finally prompted to confess his love for his friend Huw Roberts, and they spend a few hours together before Teddy must travel north to Shetland to take up his duties piloting Sunderland flying boats. The story follows Teddy throughout the war, while all the old certainties seem lost in the turbulence of change and loss – until at last he can head home again, and try to find a way of building a new life with those he loves.

Eleventh Hour by Elin GregoryElin Gregory has long been a good friend to the Press and all who sail in her – not to mention a well respected and much loved author of all things historical – so we are dead chuffed to be publishing her delightful novel ELEVENTH HOUR. Elin lovingly evokes old adventures of espionage and derring-do in this tale set in 1920s London. If you are nostalgic for ‘couples only’ boarding houses and nosy landladies, bath houses and suave gents spying for foreign powers, not to mention the necessity of tea and a good overarm bowling action, then this is the yarn for you!

Our third title to be published on 1 August is our first ESPRESSO SHOT – which is our new informal imprint, featuring long stories and novellas. If you want to read more about this imprint, please check out our blog post.

Like People by R.A. PadmosAs we have come to expect from R.A. Padmos, her LIKE PEOPLE is a superb historical novella which really tells it like it was. Karl Meisner has been fighting for five years in a war he never wanted, for a nation-state Karl knows very well wants him dead – for Karl Meisner is a man who loves men. We follow him through the last days of the war as he survives being shelled by the Russians, manages to walk in a state of exhaustion with other soldiers and refugees to the river Elbe, and surrenders to the Allies. From there he ends up in a prison camp in England – where he meets Nathaniel Cyfer, a man who must have no reason at all to ever like let alone love him.

As you can see, these titles feature the Press’s new cover design – and we think they are beautifully evocative, and worthy follow-ups to the covers for ACROSS YOUR DREAMS and CARAVAGGIO’S ANGEL.

The ESPRESSO SHOT cover will be the same for all titles published under that imprint. Given that it will grace stories of potentially all styles and all genres, we chose an image that evokes the comforts – and the stimulations – of the reading experience itself.

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