NO HOLDS BARD – a gentle reminder

Before we wow you tomorrow with news of our three newest titles, due to be published on 1 November, here’s a gentle reminder for all our author friends who are (we fondly hope!) merrily dipping goose-quills into oak-gall ink and scratching away industriously in attics by the light of guttering candles even as we speak…

Well, we may possibly be getting slightly carried away, but we know you’re out there!

Just in case there are any ‘undecideds’ among our number, though, this is a good moment to remind everyone that submissions for our Shakespeare anthology NO HOLDS BARD are due to close on 31 October.  (We’ll probably be in a position to grant extensions if necessary, but we’d prefer to discuss this on an individual basis so please get in touch with us if you feel this may apply to you.)

At the time of writing this, we have space for a few more stories – it’s been our experience that anthologies fill up at the last minute! – so if we haven’t already heard from you but you think you may have something to contribute we’d be absolutely delighted to know about it.  Less-popular plays and characters are always welcome, but if you’re inspired in any direction by the thought of queering Shakespeare’s work please get in touch and tell us about your plans: after all, the more the merrier!

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