New titles for 1 February announced today!

We’re proud to announce three wonderful titles from Manifold Press stalwarts – available for pre-order now, and released on 1 February!

From Jay Lewis Taylor we have an anthology of short stories, APPOINTED LIMITS, following the unpredictable love-life of Naval surgeon John Amery throughout the dramatic early years of the twentieth century. An earthquake and the run-up to and aftermath of war profoundly affect not only his life but also those of his friends and acquaintances – and fans of Jay’s writing will notice some characters familiar from other books making ‘guest appearances’ along the way.

Pre-order links for APPOINTED LIMITS:

We’re also delighted to be hosting a new, slightly revised edition of Elin Gregory’s popular short novel A TASTE OF COPPER – a tale of mediaeval France, of jousting knights, of hopeless quests, and of Olivier’s selfless unrequited love for his stubborn and inflexible master. When all Olivier cares about is Maheris, and all Maheris cares about is his duty, it takes something quite out of the ordinary to bring them together at last.

Pre-order links for A TASTE OF COPPER:

Last but certainly not least is another revised, pre-loved story from Elin Gregory: SHEEP’S CLOTHING. Whether or not you’re into shifters, we’re sure you’ll love this tale of Darren Murchison, reluctant werewolf. He moves to Welsh sheep country in the hopes of simplifying his life – but of course such intentions are always doomed to go awry. Combining Elin’s emotional insight with her clever sense of humour and terrific storytelling, SHEEP’S CLOTHING will delight anyone who loves a good yarn.

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ESPRESSO SHOTS is an informal imprint which features long stories and novellas. If you want to read more about this imprint, please check out our blog post. The cover image is the same for all titles, so we chose an image that evokes the comforts – and the stimulations – of the reading experience itself.

We are absolutely sure you’ll find plenty here for your reading pleasure!

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