New reviews of SMOOTHIE, IN DEEP

It seems to be either ‘famine’ or ‘feast’ when it comes to reviews, and this week it’s been ‘feast’! In addition to the Honourable Mentions in the Rainbow Awards which have appeared recently, we are now in a position to bring you two new reviews of our books – both from our friends at LoveBytes Reviews!

On November 7 (and we’re sorry to say we’ve only just become aware of it) a review by Roberta appeared for Jane Elliot’s SMOOTHIE, which gave it four stars and commented as follows:

I have to say that for a story over 200 pages, this story flew by and it didn’t feel as it took any time at all. I just sat down and didn’t stop until the book was done. I couldn’t believe it, this book just flew by and I didn’t even notice, I was that caught up in the story.

Thank you, Roberta, we’re delighted that you loved the book so much!

A few days later, on November 12, there was a review by Amber of Adam Fitzroy’s newest title IN DEEP, which gave it three stars:

As far as mysteries go this one was expertly told. The plot is solid, the landscape was beautiful in its description, and the characters were well developed. The whole place was so intriguing, the way the town worked and how they all were related somehow…

We’re very glad you enjoyed the mystery, Amber, and thank you for your comments!

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  1. We’re usually informed when people post reviews, but this one took a little while to reach us. It’s a great review, anyway, and fully bears out our opinion of your book – i.e. that it’s great fun and that people should read it!

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