We love it when our new books are reviewed out there in the big, wide world – but sometimes we don’t get to hear about it right away, which is why occasionally we have to start one of these posts with an apology to both the author and the reviewer!

So, slightly delayed but nonetheless welcome for that, we’re delighted to report that Jay Lewis Taylor’s BREAK OF ANOTHER DAY has been warmly received in a review dated 17 April 2017 on the blog Padme’s Library:

[T]he journey these characters take is complex but very heartwarming and truth is, they made me appreciate my journey in life even more.

More recently, at Dog-Eared Daydreams, Alexa Milne’s WHILE YOU SEE A CHANCE received five stars from their reviewer in a post dated 5 May 2017:

This was my first ever Alexa Milne read, and I was impressed with her writing and how everything played out and wove together.

It looks as if both books have made big impressions on the writers of these two unsigned reviews, and on behalf of the authors we’d like to thank them both for their time and their wonderful comments – and we also congratulate Jay and Alexa for winning such golden opinions for their work!

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