These are arriving in rather random order at the moment, so apologies for posting out of sequence, but it’s always delightful to know that one of our titles has made an impression.

Once again it’s Elin Gregory’s THE BONES OF OUR FATHERS which has attracted attention, this time with reviewer Maya at Gay Book Reviews, who – among other things – has this to say:

The pacing never let up and the book held my interest continually. I was impressed at how plot twist was resolved. There is constant give and take between romantic part and the main story plot. Both Mal’s and Rob’s insecurities are cleverly used to pave the road for the two to learn to trust each other. Neither of them had that kind of emotional support in their life before so they have trouble adjusting.

This is interesting and well-thought out story. […] I’m looking forward to more books from this author!

As are we all, Maya! (No pressure, then, Elin!)

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