Even in the hottest months of the year, when the rest of us are quietly wilting and Hoping It Will All Go Away Please, there are reviewers still industriously at work.  We like to picture them reclining under shady trees, with the quiet plash of water nearby and a drink or an ice cream close at hand.  (If they’re beavering away in airless attics above busy main roads. we are even more grateful to them than usual!)

Reviewer Olivia Waite, writing in the Seattle Review of Books, tried Farah Mendlesohn’s SPRING FLOWERING on a recommendation and found it very much to her taste.

This is absolutely a romance reader’s romance — delicate and subtle and complex, playing with tropes and expectations and story rhythms like a virtuoso at an antique ivory keyboard. It’s some of the best Austen I’ve seen outside of Austen.

Considering the book as part of a group in which the reviewer discusses ‘The Niceness Industrial Complex’ – an expression that could well catch on! – she concludes that a romance (or a romantic book) can also explore important social issues.  That’s the Manifold Press philosophy in a nutshell: it needn’t, not always, but it absolutely can!

Thank you, Olivia, and thank you, Seattle Review of Books, for your time and your very good opinion.  We wish you cool streams, cool drinks, and cool books to read.

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