New review for ANH SANG

We were delighted to see a new review by Jess on the Love Bytes LGBTQ Book Reviews site, for our recently released novella ANH SANG by Barry Brennessel. It seems as if Jess was just as impressed as we were!

Brennessel’s writing is stark and neat. He never pulls his punches. He packs rage, confusion, and fear into Minh’s thoughts and dialogue, no matter how brief. I can’t believe this is only a novella-length work, because there’s so much good story in so few words. If an author manages to write historical fiction that makes you want to read a dozen more books on the subject, you know he’s passionate about his work.

The romance between Minh and Thao, a local farmer, is sweet and spare, always popping up when both Minh and the readers just need a little bit of hope and sunshine.

As Jess points out, this is a really unusual (perhaps even unique) setting for a love story, and we agree that readers will be rewarded in all kinds of ways for giving this a try.

Thank you, Jess and Love Bytes!

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