Historical Novel Society review of A PRIDE OF POPPIES

Dear Readers, we are absolutely delighted to find that our GLBTQI WWI anthology A PRIDE OF POPPIES has been particularly well received by the good people at the Historical Novel Society (HNS).

It’s a short review, but every word of it is a gem. It’s tempting to quote the whole thing here, but we’ll restrain ourselves to the conclusion:

Entertaining, emotional and thought provoking this not only fills a gap in WWI literature, it is also a very moving and stimulating read with plenty of original ideas.

Not only that, but the book has been selected as Editor’s Choice, and is long-listed for the HNS Indie Award 2016!

Anyone choosing to give this volume a try will of course not only be putting broad smiles on our faces, but will also be benefiting the military charity the Royal British Legion, to which we are donating all proceeds.

Thank you to Christoph Fischer, Helen Hollick and the HNS for such a thoughtful appraisal!

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