Have you registered for Queer Company 2…?

Queer Company iconAs you may have heard already, we had a problem earlier this year with our registration form for the Queer Company 2 event (to be held on Saturday 5 November in Oxford). The form was out of action for a short while, due to increased security at our web host in their ongoing efforts to defeat spam.

We got it all fixed, and thought we’d managed to knit together the registrations and payments – but it seems that at least one extra person managed to slip through our nets.

If you have heard directly from me about your registration for this year – and if you are on the illustrious list below – then you are safely registered, I promise. But I’m afraid it might be worth double-checking.

Thank you so very much for your patience and understanding. I will be sure to order extra cake as a reward!

Current registrations are:

  • Alex Beecroft
  • Lily G Blunt
  • Julie Bozza
  • Sue Brown, UK Gay Romance, sponsor
  • Anna Butler
  • KJ Charles, keynote speaker
  • Morgan Cheshire
  • Kelly Clemmons
  • Charlie Cochrane
  • Joanne Crowther
  • Joanne Flowers
  • Petronella Ford
  • Elin Gregory
  • Mara Ismine
  • Alex Jane
  • BJ Jansen (Izzy van Swelm)
  • Josiegoodreads
  • Sandra Lindsey
  • Clare London
  • Fae Mcloughlin
  • Farah Mendlesohn, guest speaker
  • JL Merrow
  • Eleanor Musgrove
  • Fiona Pickles, Manifold Press editor
  • Chris Quinton
  • RJ Scott
  • Anna Tif Sikorska
  • Aleksandr Voinov, MC

I am so looking forward to spending the day with you all!

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