I had the privilege of acting as editor for this debut novel by Michelle Peart.

TO THE LEFT OF YOUR NORTH STAR is the sort of science fiction that prompts you to think about who we are and who we want to be. Edward Kemp, who has reluctantly accompanied his father on an expedition to the planet Abaytor, is certainly forced to consider these questions during his journey down-river with an off-kilter alien named Burn. This ‘odd couple’ relationship is rife with misunderstandings at first, but slowly Edward starts to view his other-worldly companion as less infuriating and more insightful, and perhaps even someone he can befriend and learn from.

This story takes place in an unfamiliar setting on a copper-coloured river, with an ever-surprising assortment of Abaytorian life challenging our all-too-human Edward – but the ‘road trip’ and ‘coming of age’ aspects will help you feel right at home.

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Blurb: The self-assured Edward has accompanied his father, famous explorer Herb Kemp, to Abaytor. Herb is on a mission to save Earth’s bee population, but Edward couldn’t care less and just wants the comforts of home. Burn, an off-kilter Abaytorian with a desire for change, is charged with escorting Edward down the Copper River to Herb’s spaceship. As they travel through perilous lands on a makeshift raft, they are in a constant battle with the river, themselves and each other. Edward’s problems with his father are laid bare as they are hunted, starved, almost drowned, and confronted by difficult choices. But, among the striking landscapes and colourful people of Abaytor, Edward slowly learns about trust, self-acceptance and love.

Word count: 63,300 words

Smashwords sale: $5.95 $4.95

Recognition: Honourable Mention in the Rainbow Awards 2017

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