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I was delighted to work as editor with Eleanor Musgrove on her novel SUBMERGE. We’d been friends for a while, and I was keen to see what she’d come up with in a novel-length story. Needless to say at this stage, I wasn’t disappointed!

I love this tale of a group of friends who have made a safe place for themselves – both literally in terms of the eponymous LGBTQ+ nightclub ‘Submerge’, and metaphorically in terms of their love and support for each other. They are a diverse bunch, with an importance placed on shared values and goodwill. I loved this, as for me this is how friendship should be. Yes, there needs to be some like-mindedness and shared concerns, shared understandings, but this need not be narrowly interpreted as based only on gender, sexuality, ethnicity and so on.

Within this very contemporary setting, one of the main characters is set on solving a mystery which just might bring the whole wonderful thing crashing down. This plot-line is carefully and intriguingly developed, intertwining with the more personal concerns of the characters.

If you’d like to join Jamie, Miles, Gina, Addie and their multifarious friends on their journey, SUBMERGE is currently on sale at Smashwords!

Blurb: Jamie Hill walks into his local LGBT+ nightclub, Submerge, intending to make friends and have a good time. When he meets comedian Addie Crewe and her girlfriend Gina Wilson, his night is already looking up – but it’s the man Gina introduces him to who really catches his eye. Miles Bradford seems to be everything Jamie could want in a man: smart, funny, kind. Jamie can’t take his eyes off him.

But though Submerge might sparkle on the surface, Jamie knows that the club, just like himself, hides darker secrets in its depths … and even Miles might not be as clean-cut as he appears.

Word count: 72,400 words

Smashwords sale: $6.95 $5.95

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