Have you read HARBINGER ISLAND … ?

Fiona Pickles was keen to take up the editing reins for this tome by Dorian Dawes. I recently asked for her thoughts, and this was her response:

“It’s different! That was what took our attention when we read HARBINGER ISLAND for the first time. In fact it’s a wild – and, at times, terrifying – ride through a sort of Hieronymus Bosch landscape which is all the more disconcerting for being located in an otherwise blameless corner of the USA. Here the familiar intersects with the bizarre; in a series of short stories we’re introduced to a galaxy of disparate outsiders who gradually form a coherent group to defend their world against the creeping evil threatening to engulf it. What sets these characters apart is their diversity; lesbian, gay, trans, with or without strange magical powers, they transcend their often horrific backgrounds to become a ‘found family’ with a shared aim.

“This is a book which can be read on more than one level. Taken at face value it’s a series of stirring encounters between good and a horrific supernatural evil, but look a little more closely and it’s a picture of how frightening it can be to grow up ‘different’ – and how those who don’t conform to society’s expectations can gain strength from one another, banding together against something which seems to be larger, stronger, and more terrifying than any of them can deal with separately.”

If you’d like to bring your courage and wits to the challenges faced by Professor Bartleby Prouse, HARBINGER ISLAND is currently on sale at Smashwords!

Blurb: Every community has a dark side, a sordid past that’s kept to hushed whispers and out of the ears of prying tourists – and Harbinger Island has the darkest shades of them all. Professor Bartleby Prouse is obsessed with the secrets and occult conspiracies surrounding the island’s myriad of unsolved murders and mysteries. He’ll have to use every bit of magic and cunning at his disposal if he is to protect his students after they unwittingly draw the attention of one of the island’s most insidious cults.

A collection of character-driven stories which combine dark fantasy and horror elements within a modern setting. The diverse cast of LGBT+ individuals come from various backgrounds, and the stories examine the prejudices they experience in their day-to-day lives along with the supernatural horrors they face.

Word count: 84,500 words

Smashwords sale: $6.95 $5.95

Recognition: Honourable Mention in the Rainbow Awards 2017

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Happy reading!

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