Happy New Year! And are you subscribed to our newsletter yet…?

Manifold Press will be starting the new year off in great style tomorrow by announcing the two new titles that we’ll be releasing on 1 February. In fact, not only the titles are new, but the two authors are new to the Manifold Press team as well! We’re thrilled to bits by the intriguingly different stories they have to tell.

If you’re not already subscribed to our ‘Coffee Club‘ newsletter, you may like to do so now. We promise not to overburden you with mail! We issue one newsletter each quarter, to announce our new titles, and then another short one on the day they’re released. In return, you’ll have access to articles and giveaways that you won’t find anywhere else.

Tomorrow’s issue features fascinating articles by our two new authors, exploring the research and writing processes, and all the ties between those processes and life in general.

We’d love to welcome you on board! Please do subscribe here, if you’re not with us already.

And in the meantime, we trust you’re enjoying your New Year’s Eve celebrations, and we hope that 2017 proves to be overwhelmingly full of excellent friends and good books.

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