Review at Literary Nymphs

Reviewer Critter Nymph seems to have enjoyed DEAR MISTER PRESIDENT and has joined the line of readers asking for a sequel.

Plus, thanks to the kindness of a reader in test-driving the prototype, we now have the capability of creating .mobi files. As soon as we have had the opportunity of preparing a full set of files, we will be offering .mobi as an alternative format on the website.

Another great review

Congratulations to Jane, who is obviously our star performer at the moment, for another superb review of END OF THE TRAIL, this time from Literary Nymphs. At this rate we’re going to run out of space to add all the admiring quotes to the website!!!

This is also a good moment to mention that we have been fortunate enough to secure Jane’s new work, ABOVE ALL, for our November list. No details or teasers yet, though; all I will say is that although the setting is very different this time I think you will find the quality is exactly what you would expect from Jane, and that it’s been a real pleasure to watch this text developing.

Third week’s sales figures

WEEK THREE – to 0700 GMT 22 May 2010

In the past week we have sold the following:

ALOES – 2 copies
END OF THE TRAIL – 4 copies
SEA CHANGE – 4 copies

A quieter week as you’ll see, no doubt because we did not have a major review until the end of the week.

We also added a customer in an eighth different country, The Netherlands.

Average response time was back to a more reasonable three hours and two minutes, with the longest time taken being five hours and fifty three minutes and the shortest the thirty minutes referred to in yesterday’s entry.  Two other orders were also responded to in less than an hour.

– – – – –

Congratulations to Chris for a very encouraging review of SEA CHANGE on Literary Nymphs. Having had it suggested to us that some of our titles are too long, it’s especially rewarding to hear of a reader who enjoyed the gentler pace and the slower character development in Chris’s story – something we here at Manifold are particularly fond of. (Also reassuring for the future, as there are a couple of much longer scripts in development at the moment.)

Second week’s sales figures

WEEK TWO – to 0700 GMT 15 May 2010

In the past week we have sold the following:

ALOES – 3 copies
END OF THE TRAIL – 10 copies
SEA CHANGE – 3 copies

We have also added customers in three new countries, Denmark, Finland and the Russian Federation.

I can’t give you response time details this time as I am away from my own desk – currently working on a terminal in a public library – but these will certainly have come down, as we had one of 18 hours 42 minutes in the week.

I can also report a second great review for Jane’s END OF THE TRAIL, which is to be found here. Congratulations again to Jane on impressing so many reviewers!

We are still looking around for an alternative to PayPal; this seems to be taking longer than one might reasonably have expected, but we want to make sure that we get it right. We are not looking for anything that wants a signing-up fee or a large monthly fee; anything that takes a manageable percentage on each transaction would work for us. We also have enquiries out with a potential agent in the USA who may be willing to handle credit card purchases for us, but unfortunately such decisions are not arrived at overnight and it may still take another week or two to sort out. Likewise, the .epub spectre is still haunting us; we need one more line of code in our work-around, but as our technical genius is up to his ears in having a new bathroom and kitchen installed at the moment and it is impossible to schedule any time with him this is also going to have to wait. Rome was not built in a day, alas. (Even they needed to take time out to install kitchens and bathrooms!)

[EDITED 20 May when I got home and did a recount of orders received while I was away.]

[ETA: To complete the statistical information, average response time was 6 hours 10 minutes for the week.]