Well spotted, Jane!

We have just become aware of a review for Jane Elliot’s END OF THE TRAIL which for some reason did not show up in our recent search and which was apparently posted before Christmas. Apologies to Jane for the omission – but also congratulations to her, not just for the excellence of the review itself but also for noticing it and bringing it to our attention. You can find the full text of Elissa Rolle’s review here.

A somewhat belated review

SEA CHANGEWe don’t mind them being late, however, if they’re all like this! See Elisa Rolle’s assessment of Chris Quinton’s SEA CHANGE here. We particularly enjoyed her response to the leisurely development of the romance sub-plot and acknowledgement that MANIFOLD PRESS is not aiming for the ‘fast-written/fast-read’ market; we hope we have a little more to offer than that!

Another positive review

Reviewer ‘Scandalous Minx’ at Literary Nymphs posted a short but very encouraging and welcome response to Chris’s FOOL’S ERRAND last Wednesday which unfortunately has only just come to our notice. This is probably a good moment to ask anyone who spots a review which hasn’t been mentioned on the LJ to please give us a heads-up; we do scan and search for them enthusiastically but from time to time the odd one slips through the net and it would really be a shame if our authors were robbed of the comments which are their due!

More reviews

It’s always the same isn’t it? Reviews are like buses – you wait ages for one, and then two come along at once!

Michele’n’Jeff Reviews have once again done us proud with a very favourable response to Chris’s FOOL’S ERRAND, and also Jessewave has many encouraging things to say about Julie’s HOMOSAPIEN. Congratulations to both authors for impressing the reviewers!

And another review!

I wonder whether author R.J. Scott is the only person actually reading and reviewing anything at the moment? At any rate, there is a deservedly very positive review of Penni’s THRACE at this location.

ETA: Unfortunately there is a problem with the website at the moment which is making it impossible for me to update it to reflect this review. I will do so as soon as humanly possible.

Another review!

THRACEI’m delighted to report the first substantive review for Penelope Friday’s THRACE, which was posted yesterday by Bibrary Bookslut. Among the comments included was this perceptive line: “Definitely an interesting read, even if it doesn’t make us feel too good about ourselves as a race.” Since that’s precisely how we ourselves feel about Penni’s work (although we’d go for ‘fascinating’ rather than merely ‘interesting’) we’re going to take this as a positive sign that it’s reaching its target audience and they are definitely showing their appreciation. Congratulations, Penni!