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Manifold Press will be starting the new year off in great style tomorrow by announcing the two new titles that we’ll be releasing on 1 February. In fact, not only the titles are new, but the two authors are new to the Manifold Press team as well! We’re thrilled to bits by the intriguingly different stories they have to tell.

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Tomorrow’s issue features fascinating articles by our two new authors, exploring the research and writing processes, and all the ties between those processes and life in general.

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And in the meantime, we trust you’re enjoying your New Year’s Eve celebrations, and we hope that 2017 proves to be overwhelmingly full of excellent friends and good books.


Once again, we’re delighted to be entering a New Year by giving you news of two titles which are due to be published on 1 February:

A new Julie Bozza book is always an event, and this time she brings us the story of Jules who – as a devoted fan of celebrity author Ewan Byge – splashes out on buying a souvenir of his idol which brings him closer to the man himself than he could ever have imagined in THE ‘TRUE LOVE’ SOLUTION.

Alongside that, we’re very pleased to have a revised reprint of Chris Quinton’s book CARLYLE’S CROSSING, which was previously available elsewhere.  Jubal is reluctantly drawn into a mystery from his family’s past, which takes him and staunch buddy Sal the whole width of the USA and plunges them both into some very murky waters indeed.

Along the way, in each of the books, there are some unexpected twists which we’re sure will keep you glued to the page – or should that be the screen? – until the very last word, and we’re very glad to have this opportunity of offering them to you.

Look out, too, for permanent discounts on some beloved old favourites, which we’ll be announcing very soon – and if all of that doesn’t take you into 2016 in an optimistic frame of mind, with our Jane Austen anthology A CERTAIN PERSUASION and our second Queer Company event in Oxford also to look forward to, then we don’t know what will!

Thank you for your company in 2015, and we look forward to having many more adventures together with you in the New Year!

New titles for 1 February announced today!

Greetings – and a Happy New Year to all our loyal customers, friends and supporters! It’s now time to tell you about our two new forthcoming titles, which will be available to buy from 1 February.

Jane Elliot continues the saga of Jasper and Brian (from her immensely popular ABOVE ALL) in THIS MEANS WAR. Just because they’ve settled into their relationship doesn’t mean that their lives are any calmer – as this amusing tale of a prank war gone wrong abundantly demonstrates!

Alongside this we are delighted to have Adam Fitzroy with THE BRIDGE ON THE RIVER WYE; Rupert, returning after a three-year exile, finds himself caught up in mysterious events occurring at his friend Jake’s struggling organic farm – events which may extend as far as murder!

Our two previous titles, Julie Bozza’s OF DREAMS AND CEREMONIES and Chris Quinton’s GAME ON, GAME OVER will shortly be available from our partner sites for those of you who prefer to obtain them that way. Meanwhile we’d also like to remind you that our Twelve Days of Christmas giveaway will continue on LiveJournal until 6 January.