Reviews and blog posts re THE ‘TRUE LOVE’ SOLUTION

With thanks to Rachel at Signal Boost Promotions, I (Julie!) have recently been on a review and blog tour for my novel THE ‘TRUE LOVE’ SOLUTION. You might like to check out the reviews and my guest blog posts, and share the love with the awesome bloggers who hosted me.

21 November: We started off with a truly lovely review from Becky at Bike Book Reviews: Jules captured my heart on page 1 of this book, what with his swinging hips and artfully styled ginger hair, how could one not fall in love? … it is a great read.

21 November: Lisa, the reviewer at MM Good Book Reviews, wasn’t so keen on the story – though she liked Jules’ family and also the humour! The site also ran a guest blog post from me called The ‘Dark Figure’ of Crime, which probably isn’t quite as dramatic as it sounds, but talks a bit about the fraud case that originally inspired this novel and how fraud often goes unreported.

23 November: Lisa at The Novel Approach kindly ran a guest blog post called The Austen Influence. You may know that I was editing the Manifold Press anthology A CERTAIN PERSUASION while writing THE ‘TRUE LOVE’ SOLUTION. Being a total fangirl about Jane Austen, I am probably always influenced by her, but in this novel I explored a very specific theme that is common to all of Austen’s novels in one way or another. Do drop by The Novel Approach to read more!

25 November: Another lovely review from Fiona at Books Laid Bare BoysI enjoyed this so much – it was well written and properly researched so no distractions from the story line. I would recommend this to anyone who wants to read an amusing feel good old fashioned romance (with a bit of gay sex thrown in for very good measure!)

28 November: Danielle at Love Bytes Same Sex Book Reviews kindly hosted a guest blog titled The Author and the Character(s), in which I talk about which of the three main characters I most identify with. One of the characters is a romance author – but nothing is ever straightforward! Visit Love Bytes to read more.

30 November: The good people at Scattered Thoughts and Rogue Words posted a review by Stella: I discovered Julie Bozza in the Butterfly Hunter series and fell in love with her style. That’s the reason I soon jumped into the chance at reading The ‘True Love’ Solution. What I particularly like of this author is her way with words, she can always bring me into real and at the same time dreamy worlds. This is exactly what I felt with this last story.

5 December: The lovely peeps at Bayou Book Junkie hosted me, and Jaymie wrote a review. Alas, Jaymie wasn’t too keen on the storyline which gave Jules two love interests to choose between, but I was very pleased to see the following comment: The writing was very good and the author is definitely talented.

5 December: I also appreciate Engaging Secrets hosting me, and running a review by Gretchen. She seems to have found it a rather unexpected book – weird and quirky! – but concludes: Overall there were things I didn’t like but mostly I enjoyed this book very much. It’s different and well written with complex characters.

7 December: RJ Scott kindly hosted a guest blog titled Book Titles, in which I talk about the fun to be had in not only coming up with one title for the book itself, but also titles for the books written by the character Ewan Byge, a romance author.

9 December: The reviewer Brave One courageously reviewed the novel for Romantic Fanatic Book Club, and particularly enjoyed the ‘sweet love story’, the humour, and Jules’ family dynamics.

9 December: I was pleased to see that Jules (not related!) at The Novel Approach reviewed the book – and again while the ‘love triangle’ aspect of the tale did not suit, Jules still found a lot of things to like about it. Archie, Leonard, and the strength of the opening chapters and the final chapter saved this one for me.

12 December: Winding up the tour, I was delighted that Diverse Reader hosted my blog post titled The Joyful Exuberance of Jules, which explores some of the camp aspects of my main character.

Thank you again to Signal Boost Promotions and to all the wonderful bloggers and reviewers!

Elin Gregory interviews our A CERTAIN PERSUASION authors!

A CERTAIN PERSUASIONIt’s a real honour to be hosted on the blog of Elin Gregory, a deservedly well-loved and highly respected author of historical fiction and romance. Recently she has been interviewing the authors involved in our Austen-inspired anthology, A CERTAIN PERSUASION.

If you’d like to know what the authors appreciate about Jane Austen’s use of language, what inspired their story in the anthology, and more – please follow these links!

  • Sandra Lindsey, who wrote an Age of Sail story featuring a character from Mansfield Park.
  • Adam Fitzroy, who wrote a story that took Emma in a rather different direction.
  • Julie Bozza, who retold Sense and Sensibility with one crucial difference.
  • Fae Mcloughlin, who wrote two stories with modern-day characters who are influenced by Austen’s works.
  • Sam Evans, who plagued a modern-day Darcy with participation in a ‘reality TV’ celebrity dance show.
  • Eleanor Musgrove, who wrote stories set in the future of Sense and Sensibility (beautiful!) and the past of Pride and Prejudice (intriguing!).
  • Lou Faulkner, who did exquisite work with two minor characters from Persuasion.
  • Narrelle M Harris, who retold Persuasion in modern-day Melbourne.
  • Atlin Merrick, who wrote about two original characters in a Regency-era setting.
  • JL Merrow, who looked into the future of two characters from Mansfield Park.

I hope you enjoy the interviews! And please do share the love with Elin, who has been such a welcoming host.

Elin Gregory’s Signal Boost blog tour!


We’re delighted to announced that Elin Gregory is off on another, more extensive tour as part of launching her charming novel, ELEVENTH HOUR. Today you can find her with the kind peeps at My Fiction Nook.

Do follow her about! Her articles are always worth reading, and she’s organised a cool giveaway as well.

Elin Gregory’s blog tour

Eleventh Hour by Elin GregoryElin Gregory has been celebrating her very well-received new title ELEVENTH HOUR with a blog tour. Please do drop by and share the love with Elin and the lovely bloggers!

Elin will be conducting another, more extensive tour soon, so stay tuned!

Meanwhile, if you want to read about what we got up to during our New Release Q+A on Facebook, celebrating Elin’s book and also Sandra Lindsey‘s UNDER LEADEN SKIES, check out our blog post!

Sandra Lindsey’s blog tour

Under Leaden Skies by Sandra LindseySandra Lindsey has been on a blog tour to celebrate the launch of her novel UNDER LEADEN SKIES this week. Please do drop by and share the love!

Don’t forget to join the Press’s authors and friends at the Q+A event on Facebook! It runs from 6pm BST / 1pm EDT / 10am PDT for two hours, today 6 August 2016.

Hop Against Homophobia draw winner

We put all the names in a hat – well, it was actually a box – and we asked Cruncher, our accountant, to close his eyes and pick one out. The winner was Gaycrow, who entered the draw via the Press’s LJ; we’ll be contacting her immediately to find out which Manifold Press book she’d like to receive. Thank you to everyone who took part, and who helped to make this Hop so successful.

Hop Against Homophobia

Since we’re taking part in the ‘Hop Against Homophobia’, we thought this would be a good moment to say a little about discrimination and prejudice as we’ve experienced them personally.

As you’ve probably gathered, most of the people involved in Manifold Press are significantly over the age of 21 and have been reading and writing M/M fiction for a considerable number of years. During that time we’ve encountered quite a lot of anti-gay sentiment, one way and another, and we’ve had our literary preferences described as ‘dirty’, ‘perverted’ and just about every other epithet you can imagine. Even though most of our output is not especially steamy, we are often shunted into the genres of ‘erotica’ or ‘adult’ work simply by virtue of the participants being men and the presumption that sex between men is somehow less acceptable to the general taste than heterosexual sex.

Whilst we’re quite prepared to believe that the majority of the world is heterosexual – or at least thinks it is – we don’t feel that in any way invalidates the lifestyles of those who are not. We’ve been told some utter falsehoods about gay people in the past, by people who thought they knew what they were talking about – that gay men don’t kiss, for example, or that gay sex is always rough and painful and always involves violence. We hope these ill-informed views are on the decline, and we’re trying to do our little bit towards promoting understanding through our books.

To us, gay men are neither disgusting creatures to be reviled nor wondrous beings to be fetishised; they’re just men who happen to be gay. They live, love, laugh, work, eat and sleep just like anybody else; they have the same everyday concerns as the rest of the world – money, health, their own safety and that of others, the list is endless. That we choose to read and write about them should be of no greater importance than if we chose to read and write about cooking or art or dogs or railway engines; this is simply what we know about and what we like to do.

The prejudice encountered by M/M authors is a pale shadow of that encountered by people who are gay, although it’s part of the same phenomenon. We have never understood why genuine love and affection – or indeed the honest exchange of sexual pleasure without emotional commitment – should be anybody’s business but that of the people involved. We do not consider ourselves politically-minded in any way, and we are certainly not a campaigning organisation, but when we’re given an opportunity like this to be part of a protest against homophobia we are only too glad to stand up and be counted.

Please comment on this post to enter a draw to receive the free Manifold Press book of your choice, the winner to be announced on 20 May.

ETA: If you have difficulty leaving a comment here, please leave one on the equivalent LJ post and we’ll include them all in the same draw!