Welcome to our new “Coffee House” blog!

MP Coffee House Blog site iconGood morning, all, and welcome!

Manifold Press will be going through some exciting changes between now and May. One of the earliest changes aims to consolidate our blogging efforts and integrate them with our website.

As you may know, we have been running our blog on Live Journal and Blogger concurrently. Those two journals will remain as they are, but we will no longer be posting to them. We now have this shiny new WordPress blog instead!

We named it the “Coffee House” blog for many reasons – the first being that we never did see a coffee metaphor we didn’t like. But we also wanted to draw on the historical notion of coffee houses being gathering places for readers, creatives and intellectuals – not to mention the more modern notion of coffee shops being a ‘third place’ for hanging out and socialising.

We have imported all our old posts here, and I’m currently in the process of tagging them so you can quickly find what you’re looking for. We’ve also imported all the (unscreened) comments – though some of the latter aren’t displaying correctly, and I’m still scratching my head over that.

Meanwhile, to help celebrate, we will be holding book giveaways over the coming week. Stay tuned for details!

And welcome once more.

Saturday Historical Novelist Interview re A PRIDE OF POPPIES

WWI anthology cover FINAL 200pxThe historical author Christoph Fischer reviewed our WWI charity anthology A PRIDE OF POPPIES for the Historical Novel Society, and we are absolutely chuffed that the title has since been shortlisted for the HNS Indie Award 2016.

Today Christoph has posted an interview with POPPIES editor and author Julie Bozza. If you would like to read more about Julie herself, the Press and the POPPIES project, please follow the link:

Saturday Historical Novelist Interview with Julie Bozza

And thank you very kindly indeed to Christoph for the opportunity!

Interviews with our Poppies authors!

Historical novelist Elin Gregory is a lovely person and a very good friend of the Press – the latest instance of which is that she interviewed the authors of A PRIDE OF POPPIES, and posted the results to her blog over the past couple of weeks.

If you’d like to drop by Elin’s blog, you’ll find out about our authors’ inspiration, and about what else they’re working on now.

In reverse alpha, because I’m embarrassed about always coming first:

And please do share the love with Elin! She deserves every little bit of it, and every big bit, too.