An unexpected resurgence

Since the start of the New Year, we have been selling an unusually high number of copies of DEAR MISTER PRESIDENT by Adam Fitzroy – which had gone rather quiet up to that point. This was such an unexpected development that we started Googling around to see whether a new review had appeared that we weren’t aware of, and discovered that it had been listed as one of JESSEWAVE’S TOP TEN BOOKS FOR 2010. (10th equal, to be sure, but that’s still quite an honour!) Perhaps as a result of this, or possibly for other reasons, Jessewave’s original review of the book has also been reposted at GLBT Bookshelf and is probably attracting more attention over there, too. This has come as a great surprise as well as a profound relief to Adam, who spent almost the whole of 2010 working on a new title, STAGE WHISPERS, to debut in our May 2011 list – and has now begun work on another new project.

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